psalm49_20scriptThe afflicted believer and the wealthy sinner

It is possible to go through this world and exit having achieved nothing. A person may have all the wealth of the world, live a self-serving life of covetousness, yet in reality, is like a beast that perishes. Once it is gone, it is forgotten. The soul of a man however, doesn’t go into oblivion, the soul lives on and will one day face the final judgement.

To be in honour and not know it

A man or woman in honour understands his or her purpose. Everything he or she lives for points towards Christ. They have a hope and great expectation of a greater glory to come. They are clothed in royal robes of righteousness, they are draped in honour.

The believer in Christ is never to envy the sinner who lives for the gratification of the flesh and the indulgence of this world. The believer lives for the honour and glory of God. He or she understands they have dominion over worldliness. They belong to a family of believers, they are co-heirs with Christ, the sons and daughters of the Living God, whose worth is far greater than mere silver and gold.

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