Justice and Righteousness by Ruth Dickson

He guides them in Justice and also teaches them His Way. Psalm 25:9

The grace of humility, is a beautiful ornament, it adorns the righteous. It is given by the Spirit of God. The Spirit teaches the way of Humility.

The way of “Justice” is God’s way. The humble are given the ability to discern God’s voice. Their thoughts are God’s thoughts and their ways are God’s ways.

The unjust are not so. They are proud, lofty and refuse to do what is right. Their way of thinking is ungodly: the hallmark of those who rebel against God. The rebellious are always wise in their own eyes, and unteachable.

God teaches the humble His own way. The heart of the humble is pliable, soft and ready to receive of the Spirit of God. The humble desire to be taught by God. It is a desire birthed by the Holy Spirit. The humble in heart are divinely led.

Jesus Christ is the living example of Humility. Christ emptied himself completely to become the servant of all. Christ’s body was broken and bruised, bearing the iniquity of all. Christ submitted to this humiliation, making himself the perfect example for us to follow. Christ did this in complete obedience to God’s plan. Christ is our Justice and the way of righteousness.

By the Spirit of God, the children of God walk in obedience.

©️Ruth Dickson

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Consolation in God’s Word

David’s lifetime on earth was breathed and lived through the Torah, it was the Word of God, written down on tablets of stone by Moses.

It is clear from Psalm 119 and indeed, all of David’s letters to God, that God’s Word was David’s strength.

David cherished God’s presence. Do you? Do you take time to reflect on what God has done. Do you delight yourself in God’s perfect plan for creation?

Take time to meditate on God’s Word, you will find great consolation in it?

©️Ruth Dickson

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Rest in Christ written by Ruth Dickson.

Rest in Christ

Only Jesus can give rest. To labour for this world and its goods, without a Heavenly Perspective, is a labour in vain.

Rest in Christ is founded upon Truth. When you know the Truth, it sets you Free.

Learn from Jesus, His words are sweetness to the bones, His Salvation is free. He is gentle and lowly in heart. In Christ, you will find rest for your soul.

Let nothing separate you from your Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen
© Ruth Dickson
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BE DESPERATE THIS FEBRUARY written by Ruth Dickson

Are you desperate about God? The word “desperate” means to be bold; dangerous; daring; determined. How bold are you about God? How dangerous is your prayer life? How daring are your plans to seek God this month? How determined are you to see God’s Kingdom established?

To be totally Devoted.

If you are entirely devoted to something, you will prosper in it. Are you devoted towards spiritual matters? What is the condition of your soul?

Your desire to, “seek God’s Kingdom first,” will come from your relationship with the Father. When God’s Word permeates every aspect of your life, serving Him will become your priority.

To know God, desire His will, to glorify Him forever. Let this be your utmost desire. Pursue righteousness. Let the name of Jesus be honoured and glorified in your life.

Do not be “anxious” about this world and its earthly concerns. Have no anxiety about it. Are you not aware that God knows what your needs are? There is a clear distinction between a need and a want. God will never support those “wants” that will destroy you or take you away from Him. He has promised to supply all your “needs” ( Philippians 4:19) according to His riches in glory. God does not base His promises upon falsehood.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you this February to The New Man Conference taking place in London. Registration Essential.

It shall be a great time of rest, soaking in God’s Word and feasting at God’s table. Please see the details within this write up. Be desperate for God this month.

©️ Ruth Dickson

Heavenly Treasures Ministries

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