A Trinitarian Plan


God knew that Christ would be betrayed and handed over to lawless men. It was part of His pre-ordained Salvation Plan. It was a betrayal that worked out for God’s purpose in the end…

Our Trespasses

Christ was betrayed because of our offences. He was sent to the Cross and He became sin for us, carrying our sins upon His shoulders.

Our Justification

It all started with Christ’s death and it was perfected in His resurrection. In His death, He paid our debt, freeing us from the guilt and punishment of sin. Those in Christ are made just by Christ. He is our justification and salvation.

©️Ruth Dickson



The New Man International Conference 2020


The New Man Conference is taking place on the 14th of February 2020.

There shall be three sessions of teaching and encouragement.

The first session starts at 10am, the second session 2pm and third session 6pm.

There shall be coffee breaks in between, a quiet time of reflection and lots of opportunities to ask questions. Free Tickets are available on Eventbrite. For more information, send a message on this page or any platform you see the Conference advertised. https://bit.ly/2WHKHyT

I look forward to welcoming you,

Ruth Dickson