Reaching Nations Hostile to the Gospel

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Pray for the children who have never heard about Jesus. Sometimes we take it for granted that everyone has heard about Jesus. Pray for the children in hard to reach hostile areas. Pray for God to send preachers so that those who have not heard the gospel will hear the gospel. How can they hear unless someone is sent? Pray that those who are sent will not be rejected. Amen. Please share.

Available in English, Mandarin, Filipino, French, Dutch, German and Russian. Please pray for the advancement of this work, Amen.

The AGAPE kind of love.

What is AGAPE?

The Bible differentiates between different kinds of love; eros – erotic love, philao- brotherly love, and agape: an exceptional kind of love that God has given to His people by the work of the Holy Spirit.
But God demonstrates his own love for us in; “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8)

There are so many examples of people whom have died so that others might live. There are present examples of this happening all over the world right now. The bible says that; “For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die” (Romans 5:7). While we can find examples of people who would die for good person, Christ is completely different in that He died for the ungodly. This is how God demonstrated His love towards us in that, “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

“A sinner is a transgressor of the law, and so we can say that while we were being actively disobedient to God, while we were in a state of rebellion against God, while we were hostile to God, while we were ignoring God, while we were refusing to submit to Him, refusing to love him, refusing to worship him, at that time, while we were at enmity with God, Christ died for us” (Sproul, p.99, 2005).
God loved the world so much that he lay down the life of his ONE & ONLY begotten son, that whoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).

There is no amount of love a human being can give that can save a person’s soul. No man on earth has the power or ability to give a man eternal life. What a friend we have in Jesus, what an inheritance we have, what compassion we receive, what grace untold, what loving kindness, what tender mercies, what grace, what a lover of our souls!!!
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Repost: 27th November, 2015


A Huge Commemoration and Celebration: get ready!

4Jesus Christ has given mankind every reason to celebrate. What kind of love would cause a King to humble himself and save a rotten world?  #BeholdEmmanuel

Bless the Lord all my soul and all that is within me. Rejoice, skip, twirl, make merry, throw-cart wheels. A KING is born!

Emmanuel is with you always.

matthewEmmanuel  is with you wherever you go this morning. He is a God who keeps covenant. When He says He will never leave you or forsake you, He means it.

You can see His faithfulness demonstrated in the Bible in times past through the lives of Patriarch’s like Abraham, Moses and Joshua. He promised to be with the disciples “always,” even so, He is still with His disciples today, comforting guiding and protecting them.

Every true Christian should be strengthened with Jesus’ parting words. He made a solemn promise that He has not and will not turn back on. Jesus is ‘with us always.’ He is with us wherever we go, this is our confidence and strength. He is our exceedingly great reward. Jesus Christ is ‘Emmanuel’, the God who is with us “always.” He is a strong tower, an ever present help in times of trouble. He is someone you can depend on, He will not let you down. He is with you daily, He forgives sins, He pardons iniquity. There is grace with Jesus, these are the benefits of knowing Him. He is a great defender (Romans 8:33-39), a strong tower (Proverbs 18:10) to run into at any time. He is a great protector (John 17:12), shielding you from the fiery darts of the wicked one, all day long (Psalm 91:5). Jesus cleanses and makes whole, He strengthens. He has made himself available to lead and guide. He stays with you in the most joyous moments, yet holds your hand in sickness and sorrow. Jesus will be with you until eternity. You can surely depend on Him.

Keep on believing this morning. Go out with songs of praise and gladness. Do not be afraid, Jesus Christ is on your side, you can win!

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Keep watch!!! Stay on Red Alert!!!!

returnsNobody knows the day or hour of the Lord’s triumphant return. The desire of satan is to see believers go around with no oil in their lamps. The wicked one loves it when he can trick believers into thinking they are serving the Lord, engaging them in endless activities. The plan is for these activities to leave little or no time for a personal relationship with the Lord. Matthew has made it pretty clear in his gospel: this is what the Lord’s response will be:

“I do not know you.” – Matthew 25:12

These are words that no believer wants to hear; words that no one particularly wants to meditate on, but we must. How can these words be ignored?

Lamps with no oil? What does this really represent?

If a lamp has no oil in it, it is simply an empty shell. It bears all the hallmarks of a lamp, but produces no light. A lamp can be made up of costly material. If polished and kept well, it can become a beautiful ornament, a show piece to be kept on a shelf, but not used for its purpose. A bridegroom will expect his bride to be well prepared and wearing her wedding dress on the wedding day. Imagine him showing up only to find her fast asleep? He would be absolutely horrified, as well as all the invited guests!

In ancient Jewish tradition, the bridesmaids of the bride would run out with lamps at the appearance of the bridegroom. They were to guide the bridegroom to the ready and waiting bride. The concept of the ten waiting virgins in Matthew 25 comes from this tradition. Every believer should be ready and expectant for the return of Christ. The bride that is not ready represents the hypocritical Christian. He or she carries out all the external motions with no expectancy in his or her heart. This person wears external badges for people to see, but does not believe that Christ will return. They are not expectant, they are not prepared. Their hearts are not ready and they end up compromising because of  the long wait.

Lamps with oil.

A lamp filled with oil will shine brightly. The believer filled with the Word of God will shine like a diamond. The Word of God is what gives the child of God light. The Word of God is light that beams into the dark crevices of this world (Philippians 2:15). Light represents power. The power of the Holy Ghost produces zeal and unction in the life of the believer. The light of God produces a healthy spiritual life in the believer. It will sustain them during the darkest times; times of discouragement, despair and uncertainty. The Word of God is the ROCK that the believer will stand upon when everything else seems to be shaking and sinking. This child of God will stand firm in FAITH.

The Church is a city that sits on a hill. No matter the distance a person stands from a hill, the lights upon it will always be seen. The Church is the bride and Christ is the bridegroom that will come for a bride that is ready and alive (Rev. 19:7,9). Christ is not coming for a dead Church.

Do you wait upon Him, love, adore and worship Him? Are you at His feet daily, praising Him, bringing your weaknesses, supplications and prayers? Let us remember that all of the ten virgins in Matthew 25 were tired. It was not just the five virgins, but all ten who fell asleep. It’s natural for the believer to grow weary and tired. There will be dark and down days… days where the believer will feel they can no longer go on. The question is do you give up and go into the flesh… keeping up the external motions for the eyes of the brethren? Or do you continue to hold on to God, leaning into the the Spirit, praying, trusting and believing, by Grace, that He will see you through?

I pray that you will be that expectant bride, with your lamp filled with oil, expectant and waiting for the bridegroom to arrive. Even if He tarries, you will remain strong, pouring in your reserved oil, keeping your lamp ablaze and burning until Christ returns. AMEN.

© Ruth Dickson 23.11.15

Rejoice and again I say, REJOICE!

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