Blessed are your eyes and ears written by Ruth Dickson.

Blessed are your eyes and ears.

“Blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear, for assuredly, I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.” – Matthew 13:16

How do we see and how do we hear?

By the Spirit of God, the Word is first of all received and then revealed in our hearts. What is happening on the inside of us will inevitably be revealed on the outside. It is impossible for God’s Word not to bear fruit in our lives. If you bear no fruit, it means the seed has been sown on stony or thorny ground (Matthew 13:1-9). The Word of God never changes, but our understanding of it does.

Psalm 119:18 says, “Open my eyes that I may see the wonderful things in God’s Word.” God’s Word should bear much fruit in our lives.

 God’s Word, is a seed, that we need to read and hear daily. It needs to fall on good ground and bear much fruit and produce a deeply rooted work in our souls. I pray that God’s Word will fall on good soil.

May God bless your eyes and your ears so that you can hear and see, clearly. Amen (Matthew 13:16).

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Excerpt from Ruth Dickson’s Daily Devotional, “Oil for the Journey,” Volume 2

Why did Jesus speak in parables? Written by Ruth Dickson

Why did Jesus speak in parables?

Preceding Matthew 13:11, the disciples came to Jesus and asked Him why He spoke in parables (Matthew 13:10). The disciples asked a very valid question, it’s one which many believers still ask today.

Jesus used parables on purpose for many reasons, the main reason being so that those who listened would think deeply about His words, desire to know more and gain greater spiritual understanding.

Parables make you reason and think because they are not straight forward illustrations or responses. While Jesus preached, anyone determined in their heart not to listen, would go away empty.\

 “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them.” (Matthew 13:11)

 While Jesus had followers who genuinely desired to know Him and gain understanding of the gospel He preached, there were others who followed Him to catch Him at His words. They were mischief makers with blind eyes. Their hearts resisted the truth of the gospel. They had the outward show of religion, but no grace in their hearts. The mysteries of God’s kingdom were revealed to some of Christ’s followers, while it was concealed from others.

 Christ, as God in the flesh, was a mystery that many could not comprehend. It is still a mystery today, as many do not believe in Salvation through Christ alone. To be saved by Grace, through Christ alone, means you have to let go of the idea of Salvation through any other means. You have to let go of good works, ceremonies, religious undertakings, ideologies and conceptions of how a person can be reconciled to God. There is only one pathway to Heaven and that is through Christ, the Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world. In Christ alone hope is found. Salvation is by grace, through faith in Christ. Through Faith in Christ, we inherit all that God has promised.

Matthew 13:11

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Excerpt from Ruth Dickson’s Daily Devotional: “Oil for the Journey” Volume two

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Spiritual Understanding Written by Ruth Dickson

Spiritual  Understanding. Isaiah 6:9

The gospel can be preached, but refused and rejected, by the closing of the heart and the blocking of the ears. This was the case in the time of the Prophet Isaiah. He was sent to a people who hardened their hearts and deafened their ears (Isaiah 6). Isaiah prophesied; that when Christ came, they would keep on hearing, but not understand. They would see, but not perceive anything he said (Isaiah 6:9).

When Christ walked on the earth the Jews of the synagogue, which comprised the Church at that time, rejected the gospel Christ preached. These religious men believed in good works and did not understand Christ’s Mission for the salvation of souls. They did not understand Christ’s purpose of redemption. Christ fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy in Isaiah 6:9, many people were not able to receive, perceive or understand Christ’s words or sayings.

God wants us to benefit from scripture. Our devotion time and the preaching we hear is very important. The voice of the Holy Spirit is our Guide, while we live on earth. It is the Spirit of God who gives us spiritual understanding. The soil that seeds are sown into must be good soil to produce good fruit. The children of God have seeds of righteousness planted in their soul.  It is grace that keeps it there and it is grace that enables, what is seen and heard, to produce much fruit. Those who are born of God do not continue to sin, but walk in God’s righteousness (1John 3:9).

Excerpt from Ruth Dickson’s Daily Devotional “Oil for the Journey” Volume 2

 Isaiah 6:9

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Break Open Your Word – By Ruth Dickson

“Break open your Word and let the light shine out.”

 Psalm 119:130

As I looked through the living room window, early hours of the morning, I saw such a beautiful picture. The brightest ray of sunlight, shone piercingly, between the hedges, through the wooden gate. Every other part of my front garden was dark, except the pathway where the beam of light shone.

The brilliance of God’s Word brings light into darkness. Wherever light has an entrance, it will shine radiantly. On the other hand, the ray of light can be blocked out, just like when a cluster of heavy dark clouds blocks out the sunlight. Dark clouds will obstruct the flow of light, even on the brightest of sunny days.

 Is there anything in your heart and mind that creates a road block to you receiving God’s Word? Pride, even spiritual pride, prejudice, worldliness, waywardness, busyness – just to name a few– can clog the heart and mind, presenting an obstacle, to the entrance of God’s Word. The Word of God is just like that beam of light that shines through my front garden every morning. It brightens up everything in its pathway. I pray that your mind will be like an open door where the brightness of God’s Word shines through. May God’s Spirit chase away anything that shouldn’t be there.


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© Ruth Dickson

Excerpt from “Oil for the Journey” – Volume 2


PUT YOUR EYES ON CHRIST… I fear many of you may fall by the wayside, if the Lord tarries…

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Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I encourage you this hour to persevere in your race. Don’t let go of the promises of God. Don’t look back and don’t give up!  Run your race with endurance, because you will need it, especially at this hour. The devil is on a rampage like a hungry roaring lion, looking for weak and tired Sheep to devour. Remember, you are God’s Sheep. Close ranks God’s people, and  pray for one another, without ceasing.

Remember, your strength is in the Lord. He covers you.  His name is a strong tower, He is your refuge.  He is your provider. God will supply all of your needs, do not be anxious.  Are you sick?  His name is Healer, the Lord is the One who heals you. His mercy has prevailed.

This is the hour to press on and be determined to win your race… Walk hand in hand, with  the Spirit of  God… just  keep marching on.

Son and daughter of God, you must stand firm till the end.  As the  Bride of Christ, you  will  be presented before your King, spotless without a stain or wrinkle. Your journey is not in vain. Your hope in Christ is not false hope, it is ASSURED. Do not give up and do not give in.

13 But the one who stays true to the end will be saved”- Matthew 24:13

© Ruth Dickson

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“You are the God who sees me,” said Hagar. –Genesis 16:1-15 written by Ruth Dickson

“You are the God who sees me,” said Hagar. –Genesis 16:1-15

The book of Genesis hosts a somewhat controversial story of a woman who gave God a name… The writer of Genesis thought it a story worthy of record; to etch it in history, for the whole world to see.

Hagar, an Egyptian maid-servant, met the “angel of the Lord” by a spring of water.

The Spirit of the Lord, is a Spring of Life to all who drink from Him. In this case, the angel of the Lord found Hagar. He met her in her wilderness and spoke life over her.

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What a story of Grace!

 Hagar, a maid and least in her society, found mercy and grace, where she least expected it. Do you know God reaches out to the least in society, He goes out of His way to fight for the disenfranchised. God speaks on behalf of those who face injustice. God saves the souls of those who are lost.

What a wilderness experience!

So much so, that Hagar gave Yahweh (God) a name, recorded in history forever. “She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her”: EL ROI.

“You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” (EL ROI).

© Ruth Dickson

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To Know God: Written by Ruth Dickson.

To Know God:
God revealed certain aspects of  himself to the Children of Israel. To them, He performed many miracles. They witnessed, God’s hand  against the Egyptians, as He executed great judgements. God revealed himself as the Healer in Exodus 15:26. He promised to spare the Israelites from what He did to the Egyptians, if they simply obeyed Him.

To David, He revealed His beauty and majesty. Take a walk through the Palms of the Psalms to see the beauty and majesty of God. The Psalms record the dynamics of David’s personal relationship with God  and how God revealed Himself to him.

Today, those in Christ have a better covenant. They have God, in person, to show them the Way. The Old Testament saints looked at God, and despite all He did, they could not see Him clearly, neither could they understand His ways.

All in Christ:
If you know Jesus Christ and submit to His authority in your life, He will show you – clearly – who He is. God has chosen to reveal himself clearly through His Son Jesus CHRIST. He is central to revealing God (John 14:6).

The only way to know the Father is through the Son. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are co-eternal, they co-exist, in great mystery, majesty and power. God has revealed himself through His Son. Bless the Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done today. He most worthy.

© Ruth Dickson

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The Remnant: written by Ruth Dickson.

…Keep You From the Evil One:

This earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof… The most powerful and effective instrument God uses to protect and sanctify His children is His very own Word, The Word of God.

The Salt & Light of the Earth:

As a child of God, you are the salt and light of the earth. Your journey here does not go unnoticed by the watching world. In fact, Jesus made petition to the Father, to keep you for the duration of your stay here and to keep you from the evil one! (John 17:15).

Lord, “keep us from the evil one”:

Jesus knew what was in this world before He came to save it. He knew  there would be a great spiritual battle over His great  inheritance – the souls – God had given Him. This is why Jesus prayed to the Father for His people to be devoted to Him alone.

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Jesus  prayed that His people be concecrated to Him, to be vessels – set  apart – for  His glory.

The Remnant:

There are a Remnant who have not bowed the knee to Baal, but bow the knee before their Father in Heaven, day and night. They are concecrated to God and do all He asks them to do.

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Pray Without Ceasing:

Do you belong to this Remnant? Pray without ceasing, continue in your supplications, day and night. Remember, you belong to Jesus, He is glorified in you. Rejoice in Him at all times. Believe in His Word. Pray that Almighty God, “keep you from the evil one,” as Jesus promised…
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Willful Disobedience written by Ruth Dickson

Willful Disobedience:

In willful Disobedience, you disregard the voice of God. Willful disobedience is to be obstinate, intentional and deliberate. It is to do wrong, on purpose. It means to be intentional in what should not be done. This is willful disobedience (James 4:17).

Divine Mercy:

Despite the sinful nature of mankind, God did not condemn them, but showed mercy.
The Son of God came to this earth to reconcile men to God. He knew that many would be saved and called out of this dark world and its systems. They would follow Him.

Obedience to the Holy Spirit:

To obey the Voice of the Holy Spirit is to obey the voice of God. It was well known to Prophets, like Ezekiel, that God would put His Spirit within and cause people to obey Him (Ezekiel 36:27).

Jesus Christ knew He would physically leave this world, but His tangible presence would remain. God’s chosen people are not be left alone. The abiding presence and companionship of the Sweet Holy Spirit abides with them forever. John 14:15-16.

The Spirit of Truth.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. It is the Holy Spirit who guides us in all Truth. (John 16:12-13). It is God’s desire that His people listen to His voice, understand His ways and live by them. Naturally, the sinful nature of the every human dominates. The action and mindset without the influence and power of the Holy Spirit works in opposition to God (Gal. 5:17). God’s Spirit separates men and women from the ways of this world.

Divine Grace:

It is by Divine grace that sinful men and women of this increasingly carnal world are shown mercy.
When a person yields to the Holy Spirit, it is not by the will of man, but the will of God.

Divine Hope:

There is a ray of light that shines brightly within the children of God. It speaks of hope, truth and promise.
There is a river that flows within God’s people. It is a never ending source of life.

There is a fire that burns and glows within God’s people, regardless of its size, it cannot be put out.

God’s people are like Palm trees; they flourish and grow like the Cedar trees in Lebanon.

© Ruth Dickson

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God’s Spirit Dwells in You – written by Ruth Dickson.

God’s Spirit dwells in you.

Child of God, the Holy Spirit lives in you and is jealous over you.  The Bible describes it is as “Jealous Envy.”- James 4:5.  The Spirit of God is jealous over your Soul. The Spirit of God is a person who wants you to have a constant personal relationship with Christ and abide in His teachings.

Your Affections:

As long as you live in this world, there will be a battle over your affections.  The devil wants to steal your heart, but as a Christian, your love and desire should be towards the One you are betrothed to: Jesus Christ.


Are you devoted to Christ or are you devoted to another? Remember, child of God, you bear the name of Christ.

Ransom Paid:

Jesus Christ paid such a high price for your soul. Are you yielding to His Spirit? As long as you live on this earth, there will be a daily battle for your affections. When the flesh and the spirit try to occupy the same place, it results in confusion and collision.

  Choose the way of the Spirit today.

© Ruth Dickson


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