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When the final curtain is drawn, will you have lived for the applause of men or the glory of God? Are you running your race to receive a perishable crown or an imperishable crown, a crown of righteousness?

The two builders:
The Bible states clearly that not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord,” shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We deceive ourselves if we think everyone who professes they are a Christian is truly a believer in Jesus Christ. The day of judgement, will be a day of reckoning, a day of many shocking surprises. Many who thought they were living for Christ will be utterly confounded. The practices of works and religion will be exposed for what they really are and put to shame before the whole world. “I never knew you: depart from me” are the words that will meet the end of that show.

As believers we must judge our actions and our motives so we do not end up being judged and condemned by the Lord. Do we relish the applause of men or are our actions pure, sincere and real: pointing towards the Saviour?

Two hearers:
A wise person is one who hears and does something about it. A wise person will repent and turn around from building on rubble and sand. A wise person listens and takes action. James 1:22, describes this person as one who listens to the Word and does what it says. When trials come: sickness, betrayal, disappointments, scarcity, loss of any form, this person will stand. A building with a firm foundation is built by God (Hebrews 11:12). A soul anchored in Christ, though a storm rages and the wind blows, will be found standing.

A foolish person will hear, but discard and ignore what they have heard. A foolish person will hear the truth, disdain it and and just keep on building on sand. A building built on a faulty foundation will fall down.

What building materials are you building with?
It is possible for a true believer to waste his or her life building with hay and sand.. These are those whose works will be destroyed, but still be saved, howbeit by the skin of their teeth. The desire of every believer should be to enter triumphantly. It will be a glorious entry: the whole world will see it.

Christ endured the Cross to bring to himself a spotless bride, without spot or wrinkle. He paid such a high price for His bride. With this in mind, let us ask for the grace to build with the right materials.

May Jesus see the fruit of His sacrifice in our lives, Amen.
©Ruth E.A. Dickson Author

Heavenly Treasures Ministries

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Approaching God

Week4Confidence in approaching God

What a friend we have in Jesus. Through Him we have access to the Father. It is a privilege and great honour to have access to the throne of grace. What an assurance, that whatever we ask, according to His will, He hears. We have boldness in Christ to approach the Father, with our prayers and petitions regardless of our situations or circumstances. It is a comfort to know that our supplications are heard, received and accepted when we pray “according to His will.”

The Lord knows what is best for us, He determines our paths. If we pray for things that will ultimately hurt us, they will not be granted. He is the Lord who knows all things, He will not grant such contrary prayers. God’s judgement is always according to truth. 1 John 3:22 says that whatever we ask for, we receive because we keep His commands and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.

Will He find your prayer request pleasing or distasteful: in complete contradiction to His will?

Let us pray today that our prayers will be agreeable to God. Let them line up with his plan and purposes for our lives and the lives of others. Let us pray for the grace to submit to His will and do what He requires of us. This is a promise and guarantee, according to 1 John 5:14, that when we ask of anything, “according His will,” He will hear us. Amen. If this blessed you, do share it and bless someone today.

©Ruth E.A. Dickson Author UK  #ChristianAuthorSingerMissionary

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Resist the enemy!!!


The Christian Armour is made to be worn. No taking it off until Christ returns…Resist the enemy

The enemy desires to shift your faith. His desire is to force you out of position: the place of prayer, the place of life and power. The ultimate plan is to stop your communion with God, but the believer in Jesus Christ must stand firm.

Why you must always wear The Full Armour Of God
The believer in Christ must recognise the attacks of the enemy. 
These attacks can be so subtle. Every believer in Jesus Christ must learn from Adam about the understated scheme of the serpent. Though Adam was made perfect by God, he was still cleverly attacked. This attack had a devastating effect on humanity. Earth is now a broken world with broken people. Adam, God’s perfect creation: broken by disobedience.

If satan attacked Adam, he can attack anyone.

Have you ever watched documentaries of how animals catch their Prey? There are loads of documentaries to watch on the Geographic Channel. You’ll notice predators go for the weakest link; the stranglers, the young; the animals that are left behind and separated from the rest of the flock.

When you are too busy for personal communion with God, so busy that you cannot go to church, so swamped you cannot pray, so occupied that you cannot fellowship with other believers, you open yourself up to attack from the enemy.

The newly converted Christian must link arms with stronger believers to avoid the subtle schemes of the enemy. The plan is to draw him or her back into the world.

As soon as Jesus ended his fast of forty days and nights, the devil showed up. The anointing of God does attract opposition. The more prominent you are with sharing the gospel of Christ, the more likely you are to be targeted. The Minister of God stands on the front line and must wear the full Armour of God at all times.

During times of affliction, the believer in Christ must keep his or her eyes alert and wide open. While you are busy distracted and looking to the right, the enemy can easily advance from the left hand side. These are the strategies of war. The believer must put on The Full Armour of God, so that the strategy of the enemy will not succeed: regardless of the angle satan comes from.

As soon as Jesus ended his fast of forty days and nights, the devil showed up. The anointing of God does attract opposition. The more prominent you are with sharing the gospel of Christ, the more likely you are to be targeted. The Minister of God stands on the front line and must wear the Full Armour of God at all times.

A glossy shiny apple was presented to Eve and she fell for it. What has satan presented before your eyes today? What has he planted in your heart? My dear brothers and sisters in Christ: these are the last days. Satan does not want anyone to go to Heaven. Though he cannot stop any believer in Christ from going to Heaven, he will attempt to make the believer’s journey as bitter as possible.

The Lord Jesus made a solemn promise to His believers,

“I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Have FAITH in God. This is your confidence, this is your assurance. His GRACE will see you through, right to the very end. Put on THE FULL ARMOUR OF GOD!
Resist the devil and he will flee.
Stand firm till the very end.
You are on the winning side!
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©Ruth Dickson Author UK Christian Author 
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weekly post 1“Come and hear”

It’s not unusual for a people to rejoice when they hear good news about carnal things. How often do we rejoice about what God has done for the soul? Do we rejoice when we hear a friend, neighbour or family member is completely sold out for Christ?

The ear is the gate way to hear about God’s mercy. Those who understand grace and mercy will truly rejoice when they hear about it. Not everyone can relate to deep spiritual joy, especially when they have never experienced it themselves. Its non appreciation can be compared to casting pearls before swine, it will be trampled down. A life without Christ is a dead life. A person who has been restored to life through Christ has a great testimony.

Every believer should make a special effort to tell others about what God has done for their soul. It is a story that should be told again and again. It is a source of strength and encouragement to those who are weak in the faith.

Call others today to hear about how God restored your life from a dead life. Tell how Jesus saved you from total ruin, the Saviour of your soul.

© Ruth E.A. Dickson #RuthDicksonUKAuthorMissionarySinger

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