The Vine Dresser by Ruth Dickson.

The Vinedresser

A Vine presents a beautiful picture because it has strong roots. A Vine is sturdy with many healthy branches attached to it. If any of the branches fall off, it soon withers and dies, only the branches that remain on the Vine remain strong and healthy. When a Vine becomes overgrown, unkempt and unruly, the Vinedresser will cut it back, so it can grow beautifully again.

The Pruning Instrument.
Christ can use any instrument in this world to prune you. Great trials, illness, misfortune, lack, imprisonment, bereavement… just to name a few. This may seem pretty harsh and really hard to understand or even accept, but you must remember, Romans 8:28 says,

And we know for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

The whole earth belongs to God and He will do whatever it takes to disentangle you from this sinful world and its worldliness. This is truly an act of God’s Love: the point is that the pruning instrument will drive you to search for God. Only good things can happen to the person who seeks a closer relationship with God. Strong roots in Christ can never wither.

© Ruth Dickson
Heavenly Treasures Ministries

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Living a Spiritual Life by Ruth Dickson

Living a Spiritual Life by Ruth Dickson

Christ literally wore a Crown of Thornsthroughout His time here on earth. Christ did not come to live (like the King of kings He truly was) rather, He came to die.

To live a Spiritual Life you must die to self.

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much [a]grain” – John 12:24

Christ’s death brought light to darkness. Christ’s death brought Spiritual life to a spiritually dead world. Christ’s death brought a mighty Harvest, it brought Salvation to many, it Redeemed the whole world.

Those who desire Christ, as opposed to this world and its allurments, will reap a mighty spiritual harvest, as they follow Christ.

Pray for endurance, as you run your race. Remember, Eternal Life and an Eternal Crown awaits you. Amen.


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The Spirit of Grace by Ruth Dickson

The Spirit of Grace by Ruth Dickson

The fact that a person believes in God, is a Work of the Spirit. A person does not come to faith on their own.

The person who feels drawn to the things of the Spirit, is drawn by the Spirit of God.

Salvation is by grace, through faith in Christ. How does a person come to believe in Jesus Christ? It is by grace and grace alone. This removes self-effort, self-acclaim and self – boasting from the matter. No one can talk about how good they were, or are; how righteous they were or are, in coming to faith in Christ. It is God who showed them mercy in the first place and anyone who believes in Christ, lives by God’s mercy and grace alone.

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