The Crafty, Unjust Steward written by Ruth Dickson

The Crafty, Unjust Steward:

Jesus spoke in Parables to  encourage thought, wisdom and understanding. While Jesus did not commend the dishonesty of the Steward, it is certain Jesus intention is to  show how the children of God, should be wise in preparing for the future.

Parable of the Unjust Steward:

In the Parable of the Dishonest Steward, as the story goes… the Steward knew he was about to be sacked, so he made adequate plans for the future (Luke 16: 1-9). 

The Children of God Put to Shame:

God’s people are put to shame by the men and women of this world.. While the godless are swift, clever and crafty in the way they handle their resources, the children of God are often found slow, wasteful and  wanting with the bounty of resources given to them. They place no value on them.

Preparing for Heaven:

How wise are you in preparing for what God has promised? What resources has God placed in your hands for the Kingdom?  The Crafty Steward was wise enough to prepare for the future. He prepared for a time he could not see. How wise are you in preparing for Eternity? Remember there are rewards for faithfulness (Matthew 16:27, Revelation 22:12) and punishment for slothfulness (Luke 12:47-48, Luke 16:11).

A Clear View:

Time and resources spent in view of Eternity, is time and resources spent well. With a clear view of Heaven, you will build God’s Kingdom, using your time, energy and resources to do so.

Possessors of Heaven:

Heaven is a place of Eternal value. If you win souls, you are wise. If you prepare for Heaven, you are wise. If only you have divine vision as a pilgrim, stranger and  sojourner on this earth…

A Free, but Valued Gift:

Eternal life is a gift, you receive  freely. It is a gift of great value. How you live your life  is an indication of your hope, your expectation, and what you believe.  It is a divine privilege to be a child of God, it is an honour to build God’s Kingdom, it is wise to win souls, It is wise to prioritise spiritual matters.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field…” Matthew 13:44 Selah

© Ruth Dickson
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Purity and Holiness in God’s House written by Ruth Dickson.

“When a deadly storm is raging, only those who fix their eyes on Christ will remain standing – Ruth Dickson


The Prophet Zechariah looked forward to the return of Holiness  in God’s house. He looked forward to a day where Gentiles would seek Him genuinely, and not just for personal and financial gain.


“… there shall no longer be a trader in the house of the Lord of hosts…” (Zechariah 14:20-21).


The defilement of the Holy temple met with the rage of Jesus Christ. Trade within His temple was clearly unacceptable. Jesus overturned their tables and pulled down the seats of the traders… with  the same voice and spirit of Zechariah…. He entered the temple and “drove out all who sold and bought” there… (Matthew 21:12-13).



Jesus took action by  condeming  and  confronting the buyers and sellers, head on! Neither group were spared.

In the place of Holiness, there shall be no buying and selling:

My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you make it a den of robbers.”


There is a standard of Holiness for those who claim to be genuine  followers of Jesus Christ. Christ is the brigde between fallen sinful mankind and God. He drove out the buyers and overturned the tables and seats of the traders.


Are you a “buyer” or “trader” of services or goods within God’s holy temple? Are you distracted or distracting God’s Sheep from Prayer?  Now is the time to repent and turn away from your sin.


I believe in this season, God is erecting a New Building. In this New Building, it will no longer be business as usual. While some will survive this blowing wind of change;  others will be pulled down, brick by brick. There is no other foundation that can be built other than the foundation Christ  has already already built.
© Ruth Dickson

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