In the Face of Righteousness by Ruth Dickson

The Spirit of the Lord is the revealer Truth. He changes hearts, changes ideologies, changes mindsets, in opposition to His mindset, enabling them to conform to HIS.

Concepts, ideas and ideologies soaked and dripping in idolatry and worldliness are demolished and become rubble, in the face of God’s righteousness

– Ruth Dickson

Pray for Scotland by Ruth Dickson

Revival in Scotland

Dear Friends,
Pray for Scotland by Ruth Dickson.
Scotland has a historic evangelical endeavours to boast about. Let us remember the work of God in past times, and pray for revival. Please communicate this message and share to your friends, family and to all who love Scotland.

“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” -Hebrews 13:7

Scotland has such great heritage of trial and triumph in making the gospel of Jesus Christ known.

The teachings of John Hus, Peter Dubois, William of Occam and Patrick Hamilton who fearlessly preached the gospel of God’s grace, historically, have played their role in bringing people to Christ in Scotland.

We must not forget the work of John Knox, a great spiritual leader, who defied the opposition to bring reformation to the Church in Scotland. John Knox gave his life to revive Christianity to its original and purest form. He fought the good fight of faith.

*Pray for Revival in Scotland. Jesus is the same yesterday as He is today and forever.

*Pray He will raise up the next generation of John Knox’s to preach the good news of Jesus Christ.

*Pray for the new generation of preachers. They will preach with zeal and without compromise.

*Pray for the fire of God to be released: fresh oil and a new wave of the Spirit to be released on every street and household in Scotland. God’s Word never fails!

*Pray for committed believers to win souls for the Kingdom. The harvest is ripe.

*Pray for Men and Women to be raised up in the boldness of spirit that God has already released over Scotland. His Word concerning Scotland has not changed.

VICTORY OVER SIN by Ruth Dickson

Victory Over Sin

The work of Christ goes beyond any mental or written acknowledgment. It runs much deeper. It deals with the issue of SIN.

Sold Out:

Who on earth could redeem this world and deliver souls from the dominion and control of the Devil. The situation needed a Redeemer. The unregenerate, sinful condition of the human heart, without the power in the blood, remains the same.

The Physician of the Soul:

Grace breaks the sorrow of the human heart. Only God can wipe away the wounds of the heart, and heal it. Jesus Christ is the healer of the wounded heart. He purchased this healing on the Cross.

The Messenger of Comfort:

The Lord Comforts all who mourn in Zion. He goes up to the highways and down to the byways, bringing consolation and joy. What can compete with or compare to God’s Spirit? “Oh how favoured are those who have the Spirit of God upon them.” – Charles Spurgeon.

Christ Evidently Gives Beauty for Ashes:

In the midst of a storm, who gives peace of body, mind and soul? There is beauty in the peace of God. This world’s gear and cosmetics, bear no comparison to the beauty of the Lord.

Clothed in Garments of Salvation:

God’s people wear Crowns of Glory. They are are clothed with Garments of Salvation and covered in Robes of Righteousness. These beautiful spotless robes, prepared in God’s Holy sanctuary, reveal the Holiness and Sovereignty of God. Satan has no control over it.

The beautiful Bride of Christ, will appear before the BrideGroom, ready and prepared. Not in filthy robes, but adorned with imputed Robes of Righteousness. The glory of this, belongs to Christ alone!

Rejoice and again, I say, Rejoice. The nations are Christ’s inheritance, the whole earth His possession.

©️ Ruth Dickson

Hope this message blesses you. Do leave a comment. God Bless x

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The Messenger of Comfort by Ruth Dickson

Think differently; turn around; repent.

The Messenger of Comfort:
Under the heavy hand of the Babylonian Empire, the Israelites were demoralised and despondent. The Lord, the bestower of all mercy and comfort, sent: hope; the assurance of Salvation through the Prophet Isaiah.

Nachamu, Nachamu ami…

Nachamu, Nachamu ami: “Comfort ye, Comfort ye, my people,” says your God. (Isaiah 41:1). “Nachamu” (repent and console) has a deeper meaning than console alone. It means both repent and comfort. We all love to be comforted, but how many of us embrace the word “repent” with the same affection?

When Jesus Christ first came to this earth, He satisfied justice through His own sacrifice. The Lord is coming to this earth for the second time with a winnowing fan in His hand. Indeed, there is an impending judgment for the wicked. Let us bear that in mind and repent (Romans 2:1-11) as we await the consolation of His un-announced return.
©️Ruth Dickson

Praying in times of Distress written by Ruth Dickson

“My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.” Matthew 26:39

Jesus Prayed at Gethsemane:

Jesus remembered you when He prayed to the Father at Gethsemane.  Though Jesus was very sorrowful and troubled in His spirit, He faced the burden placed on His shoulders with Prayer.

The guilt and sin of this world  imputed to Jesus, weighed heavy on His shoulders. Jesus went through so much agony in His soul, yet He was resolute  not to turn back from God’s will.  He would not shrink back. Jesus prayed for support and strength.

Praying in times of trouble:

Whenever satan tries to fill your heart with sorrow, remember the “Man of Sorrows,” our Lord Jesus,  has passionately prayed for you.  He has paid the price for you.  The trouble of the  past is neither your portion or future, remember Christ wept for you. He took away the burden of sin from you.

The Holy Spirit with you:

Jesus prayed whenever He was grieved in spirit, you should pray also. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter and Jesus has promised His presence to all who believe in Him, at all times.  You  are not alone, but have the Holy Spirit to encourage strengthen and support you, every step of the way. (John 14:15-16).

©️Ruth Dickson

An OBSCURED view of Heaven

An OBSCURED  view of Heaven.

To have an  “obscure”  view of something means that one is unclear, uncertain; not in the know; indoubt about what one sees or is attempting to see.

It is a reality, that many Christians have an obscured view of Heaven. It is not something they think about.

Some are uncertain about Heaven; indoubt about it and behave as if they are not in the know… For others the concept of going to Heaven has never been understood, so  it is not a place they  even look forward to going. Sadly, and gravely, there are some who don’t even believe that such a place  exists.

Heaven is a place that does exist!  It  has been gifted to  all who come to faith in Jesus Christ. These are the Sons and Daughters of the Living  God. They have been promised a great inheritance. It is something “given” already. Once you become a member of God’s family, you partake in this great inheritance.

It is sad to see so many who have come to faith in Christ not believe in the Promise of Heaven. They walk around with an obscured view, they  live on this  earth with no comprehension of this great promise.  Many  have no understanding or correlation of it. There is no connection in their minds between their temporary life here on earth and the permancy of life in Heaven.

This great inheritance has been given freely to all who believe in Christ.
Heaven is a free gift from God to every believer in Jesus Christ. Heaven is a place you receive by Faith because you can not see it with your natural eyes.

Dear brother and sister in Christ, what is obscuring your view of Heaven? Is it the natural cares of this world? Do you see it as such a distant place that your understanding of it is blurred?

Do you know you can pray that God give you a clear view and understanding of Heaven?  It is what has been promised you as a  follower of Jesus Christ. You do not have to work for it, neither can you earn it. It is a Glorious inheritance given by Grace. “By grace you have been saved, not by works, lest any man should boast.”

Why not pray today, believer in Christ, that God give you a clear view of Heaven. Amen.
© Ruth Dickson

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The Sword of the Spirit written by Ruth Dickson

Sword of the Spirit
While God is known for His loving peaceful ways, He is also known as a God of War and Judgment. This is part of His nature that many don’t like to talk about. The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God and His Word, He has exalted even above His name. It is a two edged sword, God does not take His Word lightly.

The Sword of the Spirit is a weapon of defence and the only weapon of offence in Paul’s analogy of the Spiritual Armour the Christian wears.

The Sword of the Spirit does not lay idly by the Christian’s side, He or she is to take it up, dividing asunder the soul and spirit and of the joint and marrow. The Sword of the Spirit overturns the works of darkness.

The Sword of the Spirit puts asunder the internal conflict within. It cuts away discouragement, it is comfort for the weary soul.

A true Soldier carries His Sword at all times. The Word of God is never to be put down, but must be at the Christian’s side at all times. The Bible commands us to take up this Spiritual Sword and use it. It is not for fancy dress.

Those who stand against God’s Word challenge what they will never prevail against. The Word of God is like a roaring Lion, you just need to unleash it… it needs no announcement. This is also a word of warning for the Christian, to use the Word of God with wisdom and care, to build up the weak and not break them to pieces…

The Word of the Lord endures forever, let us carry this enduring Sword with reverence and zeal. Amen
© Ruth Dickson


The All-Protecting Shield written by Ruth Dickson

Ephesians Posts-07The All-Protecting Shield of Faith

A Shield is a buckler, a broad piece of metal that protects from danger and darts. A Shield  comes in many shapes and sizes, but the Shield the Christian carries is large enough to protect every part of the body.

At  whatever angle the enemy comes against the Christian, the Shield of Faith is big enough and strong enough to resist the onslaught. The head, heart, waist, arms and feet all parts of the Body are  covered by this one Shield, the Shield of Faith can be described as the Shield of Shields.

The Helmet of Salvation; the Breastplate of Righteousness, The Belt of Truth, The Sword of The Spirit, The Shoes to spread the Gospel of Peace are the spiritual graces the enemy  targets. But the Child of God must not succumb, retreat of surrender, rather march forward with the Shield of Faith.

The Children of Faith are not afraid to be separate from the world. They are not ashamed to be called Christ followers and take a stand. They are not afraid to speak in the face of opposition, sin and unbelief.  To them, God has given the divine gift of  Faith. The Christian will be battle-tested, so therefore should be battle-ready at all times.  What is the crack in your spiritual armour that the enemy will attack? Learn to identify this through prayer.

Doubt is one of the enemies  of the soul. The Christian should never doubt the promises of God, but feed on God’s Word.     Whatever trial the Christian faces, the Shield of Faith provides adequate protection.  Without Faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:1), so be encouraged child of God, raise your spiritual shield of Faith today. Amen

© Ruth Dickson

SLOW TO BELIEVE written by Ruth Dickson

Slow of Heart to Believe God’s Word.

11071681_10204709973242464_5778774206715446968_oEarly in the morning, the women, faithful followers of Jesus Christ, ran to the disciples to report what they had seen. Jesus had vanished from the tomb and indeed as prophesied and promised, resurrected  from the dead. Sadly, the disciples discarded the Good News, as they did not seem to discern the truth.

Jesus spent a lot of time with the disciples, unpacking the scriptures, teaching crowds and declaring himself the fulfilment of Prophecy, in the face of the religious leaders. Yet many still did not recognise Him as the Messiah, including some of  His closest disciples.

Despite all they witnessed, the disciples were not fully convinced Jesus was the Redeemer  (Luke 24:21).

Jesus was essentially a controversial figure. He came with a purpose, to fulfil  the  great work  of Redemption. Many were astonished and bewildered at His death, leading to disillusionment in the hearts of many, including the disciples.

Let your heart be confident this hour. Believe in the  Spirit of God who has revealed Christ to you. God’s Word is firmly engraved on the tablet of your heart by the Holy  Spirit.


Christ’s resurrection from the dead is not an illusion, it is not a fable or myth. It is living and real.

Rejoice, and again I say, Rejoice. CHRIST the REDEEMER of SOULS is RISEN.

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