It is true: Most Christians are focused on laying up treasures here on earth…

Matthew 6:19 is a gentle reminder and slight slap on the wrist, a  tap on the shoulder. It is recorded in scripture  to remind every child of God to take caution against the luring strength of worldliness (one of the greatest enemies of the soul).
Jesus wants us lay up treasures in Heaven ( Math.6:20). The world teaches us to seek happiness in this world. The worldly will never teach you about eternity or encourage you to invest in those things which have eternal value.

Do you view God’s Kingdom as an arena and avenue through which you can fill your pockets or is it a place to invest in building God’s Kingdom, Heaven’s Treasure and Heaven’s people? What is your perspective? Feel free to ask questions/ leave comments below. 

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What do the scriptures say?

1-corinthians-15-4_b  Scripture TESTIFIES of the One would die and pay the penalty for our sins.

The PROPHECY of His death (Isaiah 53:5,6), burial (Isaiah 53:9) and resurrection (Psalm16:9), permeates through the Old Testament, pointing to the New.

The New Testament was not yet in its written form, when the Old Testament spoke of the Promise. It pointed to the One, who would take away the sins of the world. We see the fulfilment of this Promise in the New Testament.

God is a convent keeper. He fulfills His promises, even to those who are faithless, He remains faithful. He cannot deny Himself (2Tim. 2:14). He cannot and will not turn back on His promises. The fulfillment of God’s promises are not determined by human strength, ability or power.

There were those who were causing confusion among the Christians like (Hymenas and Philetus in (2 Tim. 2:17, 18), by denying the Resurrection. They attempted to shake the very foundation upon which the Corinthians built their faith.

Christ’s death and resurrection is the very foundation upon which the Christian stands. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the fulfilment of Scripture. It holds the fabric of the Christian faith together.

Without the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is no SALVATION. Once this is taken away, the very foundation of the Christian faith is taken away. It is the foundation of Christianity.

Let your eyes be steadfastly fixed upon Jesus today. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is fundamental to your faith as a believer in Jesus Christ. Hold on to JESUS, without HIM, there is NO SALVATION.

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The time is really short. You may be waiting for a smooth road to do what God has placed in your heart. My prayer is that you will not hear the last trumpet blast while waiting. Do whatever you can, within the capacity of what God has given you. It takes faith to step out. It takes, just one step at a time. Rome was not built in one day.

Secondly, you may have something (in your hand, in your spirit) that needs to be released for the Kingdom. You may not necessarily be the one to take it where it needs to get to…Think about it. Be prepared to release what you have.

While Paul was in prison he wrote letters to all the Churches. If he decided to wait until he was released to write those letters, Paul may have taken every single letter to the grave. Be prepared to release what you have to be used by others, for Christ sake.

The widow with the “widow’s mite” gave what she had. Imagine if she had decided to wait until she was rich to give what she had? (Luke 21:1-4). She would have never been commended by Jesus. She would not have her name permanently recorded, as an example in scripture.

Lastly, imagine standing in front of Christ, with all your gifts and talents, strapped tightly to your chest, you not being prepared to release it, or even release it to be used by others… Let it go, let God use it in the way He seems fit. Ask for HIS timing, ask Him what He would have you do with what He has given you. It’s really not about you, but about Christ and His glory.

I hope this has blessed you. Do feel free to drop a comment below. Have a great weekend. Love you all abundantly, in Christ,

Ruth Dickson

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Ridiculous, Absurd, to the world…


That which enriches the soul, is unprofitable to the world. What blesses the soul and gives glory to God, is in opposition to what  gives glory to the people of this world. The idolatry of this world must be fought and opposed, in every way possible, by the child of God.

Those who want to wear a crown, cannot despise the Cross. “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me,” says Philippians 4:13.   Everything that Christ stands for,  includes those things which enrich soul.

Does your Christianity cost you anything?

I have learnt, from personal experience, that to engage in anything that enriches the soul, you must first of all, yield to the Spirit of God. There are certain things in the flesh that cannot accompany you when climbing a steep mountain. You will simply fall to the ground. There are some people who will not be able to climb the heights you are climbing because of the weights they carry.  To enter great heights and see the fullness of God’s glory, you must make a choice.  Joshua 24: 14- 15 puts it this way, “chose this day whom you will serve.” Selah.

The enrichment of your soul

You may have heard of the word, “soul-tied”.  Is your soul tied to Christ, or is it tied with a million and one things, or a million and one people? The enrichment of your soul comes from no other place than pursuing and knowing Christ. You need to have  a personal relationship with the giver of all riches. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of food. A person can sell out on God for the enticing riches of this world. All the opulence of this world cannot reimburse you, if you find yourself in the wrong place, when Christ returns.

We need to think about the things that Christ wants. It is called, self-less-ness. It is thinking less of ourselves, and more of Christ.  With this in mind, let us lean towards the Spirit, every day. In fact, every hour of the day. Let it shape our thoughts, and all that we seek to do.  Let us watch out for those things that lure us away from the nourishment of our soul, “For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

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