Betrayed, Bruised and Battered: Behold His Glory. Written by Ruth Dickson

Betrayed, Bruised and Battered: Behold His Glory.

Jesus was betrayed with a kiss. In the presence of His enemies, it was by Judas Iscariot Jesus was betrayed. Judas had secretly abandoned the faith. It was Judas who secretly gave Jesus the kiss of death. It was the disciple who pretended to be a friend. It was Judas, who betrayed our precious Jesus, in the presence of His enemies. Judas betrayed our merciful , meek and kind Saviour… Was it not this same Jesus who healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, showed mercy and pity to the weak, had compassion for the poor, who performed many wondrous miracles?

Jesus felt the wound of betrayal deep within His heart. Was it not Jesus who held Judas hand to show Him mercy? Was it not Jesus who poured so much time and energy into the life of Judas, training him and spending time with him? Was it not Jesus who showed Judas the way of righteousness, yet it was Judas who stabbed Him in the back.

As the chief priests, elders and crowd of spectators, gathered against our precious Lord and Saviour with swords and clubs, Jesus felt the pain of abandonment. Jesus reminded himself that it was the fulfilment of Scripture and submitted to it all (Psalm 41:9, Lamentations 4:20, Isaiah 53:7, Isaiah 53:8).

Yet again, Jesus felt the pain of betrayal when all His disciples fled and left Him. Jesus knew they would run away from Him. He predicted this in John 16:32. Zechariah long predicted the scattering of the Sheep in Zechariah 13:7. Our precious Lord and Saviour was a man of many sorrows.



On the way to Calvary Jesus wept. Why did they bruise our merciful Saviour in this manner? It was done in the place called SKULL, a terrible, dark place of no return.

Weep for our precious Lord, look at what they did to Him, see how they treated Him? With scorn and hatred in their eyes, they bruised and scourged Him.

Weep, weep and consider what Jesus went through. These evil people gave Jesus sour wine to drink. He refused it…

“I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.” -Matthew 26:29.

As we eat the Bread and Drink the Wine, we commune with Christ. Jesus suffered in obedience, paying a heavy price, purchasing the New Wine for those who believe in Him, to drink freely.

As you drink the Wine, remember the blood that Jesus shed. All who have suffered with Christ will also reign with Him. With glorious robes of righteousness, adorned crowns of beauty on their heads, they will join Christ. The righteous will dine at the Marriage supper of the Lamb.

“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.” Isaiah 53:2.

Those who do not despise His broken body, all who suffer for Christ’s sake will be beautified and glorified with Him in glory. Hallelujah!

As we think about the sorrow of Christ, let us weep, but not with tears of sorrow, let us weep with tears of Joy, in deep gratitude and thanksgiving for what our beautiful, compassionate Saviour has done. He is Worthy! Let our hearts be filled with praise.

Jesus Christ is our righteousness.

Written by Ruth Dickson

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Humility, Mercy, Grace, Love and Compassion by Ruth Dickson

Humility, Mercy, Grace, Love and Compassion by Ruth Dickson.

Naomi set out to Bethlehem with Ruth and Oprah, but Naomi decided along the way, it would be selfish and inconsiderate to take Ruth and Orpah with her.

While Oprah turned back, Ruth made the ultimate choice to proceed on that perilous journey with Naomi. Ruth trusted God, as only God could determine their fate. Naomi and Ruth could have been duped, mobbed, robbed or even raped along the way.

What influenced Ruth’s decision? I believe it was the work of the Holy Spirit. Her determination to stick by Naomi, a vulnerable woman, in a defenceless situation, speaks volumes about her nature and character. Ruth took care of Naomi, with such humility, love and compassion. Ruth risked her life, going into the fields, in a strange land, with strange people, to provide food and sustenance for Naomi. God protected and took care of her.

Just like Ruth, many have left homes, wealth, family, vocations, what they desired the most, for what God desired. Just like Ruth, some of you have tended to God’s work, under harsh and inconceivable conditions.

It was God’s desire for Ruth to take care of Naomi, for a much greater purpose than she could see or even imagine. God gave Ruth the resilience and strength of character to do it.

What has God asked you to do today? Is the road treacherous? Is the way hard? Is the decision difficult?

To be United in Christ is to get into unity with God’s given plan and purpose for your life and destiny. To be United in Christ is to receive, BY FAITH, God’s desire for you, knowing and believing, God knows what is best for your life.

Trust in the Living God today. Go ahead, with boldness and do what God wants you to do. If this has blessed you, go ahead and share it. Kindly acknowledge source.

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©️Ruth Dickson

Salvation on His Mind

Jesus went about doing good.

Salvation on His Mind

On route to Galilee, Jesus had Salvation of souls on His mind. He made a detour to meet The woman at the Well. She came to fetch water, but unknown to her, she would drink from the only one who could give Living Water. He saved her soul.

Jesus brings you the free gift of Living Water today. He is the Saviour of your Soul. Drink from Living Waters today.

©️ Ruth Dickson

In the Face of Righteousness by Ruth Dickson

The Spirit of the Lord is the revealer Truth. He changes hearts, changes ideologies, changes mindsets, in opposition to His mindset, enabling them to conform to HIS.

Concepts, ideas and ideologies soaked and dripping in idolatry and worldliness are demolished and become rubble, in the face of God’s righteousness

– Ruth Dickson

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