Very recently, I travelled to a prayer centre, it is a place I go to rejuvenate and dedicate my time to spiritual matters. This centre has a prayer room dedicated to each continent.

The Africa Room

The “Africa Room” has the best allocated room and position in the prayer centre building, it is set apart, almost like a maisonette, with its own exclusive entrance. The Africa room is positioned nearest to the library and coffee room within the centre.

However, on going into the Africa prayer room, I felt very uncomfortable, as I looked at the heavily stained carpet and walls where people had been praying, leaving their finger prints and marks on the four walls. The room felt dark, dirty and cold.

As I started to pray in the room, I felt the Spirit asking me to move to another room, on the opposite side of the building. The entrance to this side of the building opened to a cluster of other prayer rooms, unlike the side of the building that exclusively hosted the Africa prayer room.

The prayer rooms in this side of the building also had their own names: Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and North America prayer rooms.

I opened the door to the South America room and I immediately felt the warmth, inviting me to fellowship, and spend time with God in prayer.

The first thing I noticed in this room was an open bible, placed by the only window in the centre of the room. I felt it was a room where a lot of intimate prayer had taken place, a place where people spent quality time in God’s presence.

As I settled down to pray, I asked the Lord why I felt so uncomfortable in the Africa prayer room and why I had to move. The Lord spoke so clearly to me and I had to immediately write down what you are reading now.

He said to me the Africa room is a picture of Africa. A continent stripped of it glory and beauty, plundered and only used for what can be taken out of it.

He showed me Africa as the most beautiful continent on earth, with the most resources. He showed me the overwhelming abundance of the produce of the earth, rich jewels, minerals and everything good He planted in Africa. He told me He had given Africa His best, but it was a continent abused, used and stripped of its glory…specifically a place used for what people can get from it. A placed used for what people can take, with nothing being put back into to it to replenish it.

He showed me the nations of the world using Africa for what they can get, stripping it of all its resources and putting nothing back in.

I then thought about how people treat God. Never spending time with Him, never having any intimate relationship with him, only going to Him for what that can get, taking from His hand, never desiring to spend time with Him or building up a relationship with Him.

Think about your relationship with God. Do you have a relationship with Him or is He only used for your wants and needs?

Remember, regardless of your wants and needs, you stand before a throne of grace and you are to approach it just as you are.

Perhaps, some of you who know this centre I am writing about and have been going there for several years, but never thought of sending in a donation. Why not send in a donation for the refurbishment of the Africa prayer room?

© Ruth Dickson

Heavenly Treasures Ministries