• The Warrior King

  • His return shall be like that of a Warrior.

    Leaving His majestic robe in Heaven, the Son of God came to this sinful earth. Though He was very God, He humbled Himself.

    He was a King, but He lived as a suffering servant. He walked on earth as a persecuted man with no honour.

    Isaiah prophesied about Him. He used strong metaphors to describe Jesus as a tender green shoot; like a root in dry ground, with nothing beautiful or majestic about His appearance; nothing to attract us to him (Isaiah 53:2).

    Jesus suffered the greatest tyranny and opposition from the people who should have hailed Him as King. His Humility masked His glory. He boasted in nothing, except His Father in Heaven. He displayed no earthly splendour or wealth.

    Jesus Christ’s meekness was taken for weakness. His lowliness masked the mindfulness of His call and wilfulness of His Mission. He came to earth as Redeemer, the Saviour of the soul, the sacrificial Lamb of God.

    Though Jesus wore no physical robe, He wore a spiritual one, which the spiritually blind failed to see. Only those spiritually intimate with God recognised Him through the Torah. It was the wise men, the shepherds, the meek, like Anna and Simeon, who lived in great expectation of the Messiah.

    His Second Coming:

    Jesus Christ is coming as a Bridegroom to receive a Bride expectantly waiting for Him. No longer will He come as a suffering servant, but as a Warrior King. All eyes shall see Him. The hearts of His enemies shall melt in the fear of Him.

    Those who wait in great expectation of this day, live to rejoice. They pray daily, “make straight the way of the Lord.” They are mindful of His return and prepare.

    No Strangers will be Admitted to the Wedding Feast:

    Jesus Christ is coming back for a Bride that He knows! It is a Bride He has spoken for, a Bride who lives under His influence, a Bride kept by His divine power.

    May you be found, prepared and waiting, at His sudden return.

    ©️Ruth Dickson


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