Salvation on His Mind

Jesus went about doing good.

Salvation on His Mind

On route to Galilee, Jesus had Salvation of souls on His mind. He made a detour to meet The woman at the Well. She came to fetch water, but unknown to her, she would drink from the only one who could give Living Water. He saved her soul.

Jesus brings you the free gift of Living Water today. He is the Saviour of your Soul. Drink from Living Waters today.

©️ Ruth Dickson

In the Face of Righteousness by Ruth Dickson

The Spirit of the Lord is the revealer Truth. He changes hearts, changes ideologies, changes mindsets, in opposition to His mindset, enabling them to conform to HIS.

Concepts, ideas and ideologies soaked and dripping in idolatry and worldliness are demolished and become rubble, in the face of God’s righteousness

– Ruth Dickson