God’s Plan of Salvation

Romans8_29God’s plan of Salvation:
The One who created all things, created all humans in the past, present and future. However, not all humans are intimately known by God. He has set apart a chosen people for eternal life who will reign with Him in glory (Gen. 18:19, Jer. 1:5, John 10:14, 2Tim. 2:19). The Hebrew verb “to know” explains it better, it stands for a personal relationship of care and affection. To “foreknow” someone is to have prior knowledge of the person (Jer. 1:5). Those He “foreknew,” He “predestined.” (Romans 8:29). Before you can determine (predestine) where a person goes, you must first of all know them (foreknow).
Foreknowledge is knowing about an event before it happens. Foreknowledge, Predestination, Calling, Justification and Glorification are the five links in the unbreakable chain in God’s plan of Salvation. All those whom God foreknows, He predestines, and all He predestines, He calls and all He calls, He justifies, and all He justifies, He glorifies. By divine election He has chosen a people to be saved by Grace. A people with a glorious end (everlasting life and glory), predetermined by God. To be elected: means you have been chosen by someone and to have a destination, means the end of a journey has already determined.
Conformed to the Image of His Son:
The image of man was perverted by sin, but restored in Christ. The ultimate reason for predestination is the honour and glory of Christ. His eternal purpose for His elect is that they should become more like Jesus, conform to His image and give Him pre-eminence. The process of sanctification is progressive. Though the transformation process of sanctification begins here and now, it will be perfected in glory. It is a work of the Holy Spirit (2 Thess. 2:13).
Christ the firstborn of among many brothers
The term “firstborn” reflects on the priority and the supremacy of Christ. It is greater than the glorification of God’s people. Without Christ there is no glorification! He is the glory and eminence of God’s children (Col.1:15, 18, Heb 1:6; Rev.1:5). The glory is given to Christ to be “the firstborn among many brothers.” He considers the elect part of Him. “Both the one who makes people holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters.” (Heb.2:11).
Salvation is not the work of any man. Our songs, poems and words of thanksgiving reflect and confirm this as we acknowledge His saving grace. The Lord knows those who are His, so we must continue to pray for others, that God work in them, everything necessary, to draw them to Himself.
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