Psalm-86-4Nearness to Jesus brings joy.
The nearer you are to Jesus, the greater your joy will be. Drawing away from Jesus brings a cocktail of sorrows. The foxes always look for the stragglers…those who are left behind. The sheep hear the voice of the Shepherd and they follow…

A soul bowed down with disappointment needs a strong shoulder to lift it up. What can raise up a despondent soul? Nothing, but the name of Jesus. The sweetest name a person can ever know. The name that stands far above every other name.

He is full of grace and compassion the lifter of your soul. Give him the praise He truly deserves. He is the glory and lifter of your head.

“But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.” (Psalm 3:3)
Woooaaah! O what a powerful scripture. I leave you with this one…
©Ruth E.A.Dickson UK (Christian Author)
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Penal Substitute

Christ our penal substitute

When Adam sinned, he transferred this sin to every human being that lived, lives and is yet to live. Every human being must understand this vital thing. Each and everyone of us has sinned in Adam. A person may object to this statement by saying, “what about the unborn child.” Would it be not be unjust to pass such judgement upon an unborn child. Where is the justice of substituting an innocent child for the guilt of Adam? Isn’t God love? Why would He be so vindictive? Doesn’t God’s Word say, we should forgive those who trespass against us? (Matthew 6:12). Shouldn’t it be the Sin itself that deserves the penalty and not the sinner?

The Morality of God

By what, or whose standard is Sin judged? Who has the highest authority or final say in this matter? Surely there must be a moral standard to which every action is deemed good or bad? There must be a place of divine justice. A natural Judge can pronounce a person guilty, while Sovereign Law says, “not guilty!” The guilt of Israel did not suffice according to Almighty God, even though they were guilty… (Jeremiah 50:20). Though Israel was pronounced not guilty, it does not mean that their sin did not exist…

A penal substitute

The guilt of Sin is transferred to Christ, He is our divine substitute. He is the corner-stone, the one who holds up the building of God’s broken image. Jesus Christ is our redeemer and restorer. He is Christ, our penal substitute.

Jesus was a completely innocent man (1Peter 1:22). The guilt of Sin could not be passed onto any other person. There is Sovereign rule on this earth and under the moral Government of Almighty God, only a completely guiltless person can take the sin of a guilty person.

The sin of every believer has been divinely imputed to a divine substitute and redeemer. His name is Jesus Christ. As we celebrate this Easter, I pray that you will think deeply about this substitution and what it really means to you…

Have a really blessed Easter,

From Ruth Dickson

©Ruth Dickson UK (Christian Author)

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It is noon. A man sat in pains, chained to a pillar. He was covered with blood from head to toes and he had no clothes on but for a piece of loincloth. A dark figure drifts towards him, halting just in front of him. The figure shakes his head and begins to laugh aloud. The soldiers around were not aware of the presence of the figure. They neither see nor hear him.

The figure stopped laughing and says, “Just look at yourself, you are such a disgrace! Why did you let it come to this?”

The man gave no reply. He remains silent, breathing hard and trying to cope with the pain.

I gave you an opportunity,” the figure continues, “I offered you all the kingdoms of the world but you refused my offer and look at you now, covered in your own blood. The soldiers have seared your back with whips and have tortured you in many unimaginable ways. They will continue the scourging until your skin peels off your back and you will suffer pain that even you cannot withstand. This will continue but I will not let you die under the pain. I will make sure you are humiliated and killed in a shameful manner and you will be ridiculed as a king who never was and never will be. You will be remembered as a joke for all eternity. You will be remembered as the one who claimed to be the Son of God but died like a common criminal.”

The man’s leans against the pillar.

You brought this upon yourself,” the dark figure continues, “You thought you could descend to this world which I control and introduce a new way of life. All your followers have gone into hiding. The twelve have now become eleven, thanks to the one who took his life. One has also denied you three times just before dawn. This is just the beginning as they will all deny you one after the other. I will make sure they are hunted down one after the other until no one remembers your name or your good works. You will only be remembered as the insane son of a poor carpenter who claimed to be a messiah, the saviour of the world but died like a criminal. No one will follow your ways because no one will write about your life here on earth. Your stay here will remain nothing but a blurred memory which will fade away with the passage time.”

The figure drifts backward and turns to leave. He then says with a smile, “You are such a weakling, just as these mortals here are. The creator will be put to death by the very creatures He created and even He cannot prevent this from happening. What a shame! We thought you were all-powerful but you have indeed proved us wrong. Enjoy the few hours left for they will be your very last and then you will join the others in hell where you will remain under my power and reign.”

The figure then vanishes as a soldier approached the man holding a crown made of thorns. He places the crown of thorns on his head, forcing blood to gush out. The man cries out in pain.

Adapted from the Holy Bible; the book of Saint John Chapter 2: 1-2.

From The Book: ” Three Men and a Bottle,” by Anthony Onugba

Anthony is a prolific writer. He has written hundreds of stories and is currently working on T.V series. He is also the author of “Reflections”.

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