Baptism of Fire by Ruth Dickson

While the Baptism of the Spirit cleanses, the Baptism of Fire purges.

The human heart is desperately wicked. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit cleanses the heart, it can be described as inward cleansing; the  washing clean of the inward parts.

The Baptism of Fire is for the disobedient, unrighteousness and ungodly. It purges everything, clears out anything that stands in its way.

The Bible makes it crystal clear there will be a day of reckoning. A winnowing fork is the image the Bible uses to describe how the ungodly will be separated from the godly.

When wheat is harvested, it is gathered together and placed in the same place, on the threshing floor. It is here the breaking takes place. The chaff is broken off from the wheat and the winnowing fork raises the wheat into the air. It catches the wind and this separates, blows away, the chaff from the wheat. In Biblical times, the chaff was gathered together and burnt untill it completely disappeared in smoke. The wheat, also gathered together and kept in a safe place.

There is an unquenchable fire prepared for those who reject Christ. It is prepared for those who reject His robe righteousness.

Where will you be found on that day?  I pray it will be in Christ?

It is a daily walk with Jesus and we need God’s Spirit, at all times, to crucify the flesh. We need to do away with the Old man (old nature) and put on the New man (new nature).

Do not despise the chastening of the Lord. Through chastisement, our lives are put in order. Obedience becomes a lifestyle and lessons are learnt through the power of God’s Spirit. Even Jesus, as He walked on earth, learnt obedience through what he suffered. Hebrews 5:8
© Ruth Dickson


The Spotless Bride by Ruth Dickson

If a garment is full of spots, how can it become clean? It must be washed.

It is sad to note among God’s people these days, the attitude of spoilt children. There is a practice and demeanor that once saved, one can get away with anything and everything. In other words, you want a Father in Heaven who never engages, confronts or corrects his children.

Many see God only from the perspective of a Father who supplies endless goodies, never disciplines, nor requires obedience.

Let us remember that Christ will receive a spotless Bride when He returns. Many will go through dry wilderness experiences. These dry, waste land experiences, in the hand of God, will lead to the production of well watered fertile ground, where good fruit and abundant harvest will be produced.

Others will go through fire. Fire has a purifying and purging affect. The instrument of fire will be used to clean out and remove everything that stands in God’s way.

A yielded vessel is an empty vessel. A dirty vessel will infect everything poured into it. What comes out of a dirty vessel is unclean. An empty vessel can be filled, therefore you should not despise the  chastisement of the Lord. God wants to wash and clean out what should not be in your life. A yielded heart is a heart that turns away from sin. Repentance is the key word here.

When Christ returns, He will present to himself a spotless bride. He has given a beautiful headdress, instead of ashes, the oil of gladness, instead of mourning. He has given a garment of praise, instead of a faint spirit. The Lord Jesus is coming for a prepared Bride. Will you be ready?

Prepare the Way of The Lord. Again I say, PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD!!!

© Ruth Dickson

Prepare the Way of The Lord – 4- By Ruth Dickson

PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD – 4 – by Ruth Dickson

Jesus paid the price for sin. Does the paid penalty free you from any form of faithfulness? To be “saved by grace”- does this obsolve you from obedience towards God? After all, God laid down His life, paying the penalty for sin once and for all and because of this you can live as you please?

It is sad to say that many who are saved by grace, refuse to live under the influence grace. Some believe there is no need for holiness or righteousness. After-all, their place in Heaven is sure and guaranteed.

Such was the ideology of many who met Jesus on a daily basis. Of-course Jesus had to challenge their way thinking with the Spirit of Truth.

One such example is the Woman at the Well. Her steps were ordered by God. With one encounter with Jesus, her sins were immediately forgiven and her life was tranformed forever.

While Jesus talked with her, he had to tackle her ideology and understanding of what it meant to drink Living Water. She was so confident about the old place of worship and style of worship, that she failed to see the condition of her heart. She was still soul tied to a past way of understanding and living. Jesus brought new life. He brought Living Water; Eternal Life.

Many saved by grace fail to recognise they are stuck in their old way of living and thinking. They fail to abide with Jesus, who by His Spirit, gives them new life and new way of thinking.

Jesus Christ helps those who believe in him overcome sin. He frees the sinner from the power of sin, giving them the freedom to walk in a new way. Old lifestyles pass away when you encounter Jesus.

Jesus knows and understands every weakness because He walked on earth as a man, even though He was God.

Repent, turn away from sin today. Trust in Jesus today to help you. He will show you the right way…

© Ruth Dickson

Prepare the Way of The Lord – 3- by Ruth Dickson


It takes years of preparation and planning for a country to host the International Olympic Games. For example, the London 2012 Olympics,  from the bidding stage to preparation stage, covered a span of eight years. It cost over $14.8 billion to host the 2012 Olympics. It took the revamping, regenerating, renewing and repurposing of land for the UK to successfully facilitate the Olympics Games. It was necessary to transform unusable, toxic waste land spaces, by making it usable for the games.


This world can be described as  toxic land, in much need of revamping, regenerating and renewing . The air we breathe is polluted and the seas are filled with plastic waste. The Bible says, a day is coming when the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the heavenly bodies will be burned up and dissolved. This will be the Day of the Lord, however many are unprepared, with some not even expecting it!


Just like all nations prepare and wait in hope and expectation to hold the  Olympics, one day, this world will host an astonishing  event and we must be ready. Whether this world is ready or not, this spectacular event will take place. While the world knows the days that Olympic Games take place, the  Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. A thief will never let you know his time of arrival, otherwise you will prepare for his coming.


One day, the Lord will return in glory, will  you be ready? He will  come with a winnowig fork in His hand to separate the chaff from the wheat.When chaff is removed from wheat, it is burned up, while the wheat is gathered up and safely put away in barns. The Bible uses symbolic  language to show there will be a great separation of people on the last day, just like Goats will be separated from  Sheep. Into what group will you fall? Will you be thrown into never-ending fire or rest, eternally, in the bosom of the Lord?


The hour is now. God is calling people to turn away from sin and follow Him. Your soul means so much to God, that He sent His only Son, Jesus, as a substitute to die in your place. He died for the salvation of your soul. Jesus  died so that you can live. He is ever willing to forgive you, if only you draw near. Turn away from sin and turn to God. He will give you a new start, a new heart and a new life.

© Ruth Dickson

Prepare the Way of The Lord – 2 – by Ruth Dickson

As you may be  forced to stay at home, because of LockDown, perhaps this is a time for inward reflection.

Think about this: Before a wedding takes place, there  is so much preparation that preceeds it. Each day counts, in the run up to that one special day. There is so much excitement and external activity, that no attention is given to the  preparation of the heart.

The Bible describes that great and glorious Day of the Lord as a wedding… It is the day where God’s people rise in glorious robes to meet The Bride Groom. It is a beautiful picture isn’t it?

Sadly, many of God’s people are unprepared for this glorious day. They are not expectant. They do not consider His sudden return. Outwardly, they say they are getting married, but inwardly, never make any preparation for the wedding day. (I am using metaphoric symbols here… Please do not get confused).

Are you that  “Bride” who claims to be getting married, but do not  even  know the BrideGroom? I pray today,  in this time, in this season,  you examine your heart and your ways and be prepared, be ready!

© Ruth Dickson

“Prepare the Way of The Lord” by Ruth Dickson


Are you prepared for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ?

This is a serious question to consider as the Church goes through this time of reflection and repentance.

For some, being a Christian is about subscribing to a set of rules. For others, it is about regular  Church attendance, you may have had faithful parents who were deeply religious and conservative and so in your mind, you feel this makes you a Christian. For you, it may have been that walk down the isle of a Church, in response to the call from the Pastor on the pulpit, “run forward, if you want to give your life to Jesus.”

You may be one of the most faithful attendees of a Church, attending all programmes, giving sacrificially, ticking all the boxes[], dotting all the (i’s) and crossing all the  (t’s), but you have never, ever been a friend of God.., never known the Lord Jesus Christ, never known the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

To be “prepared” to meet someone you must at least know the person you are going to meet. At least His name, Selah!

What do you know about Jesus Christ? Do you call upon every other name except His name  and claim to be His follower?  What do  you personally know about Him, do you have a relationship with Him? Are you obedient to Him or do you play Church and engage in every activity under the  auspices of religion and claim to know Him? You then pin the name of Jesus Christ on your activity,  with high banners… claiming to know the person of Jesus Christ. Salvation is found in no one else but Jesus Christ. There is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which a person can be saved!

In this season, it is time to reflect and examine your heart. What is in your heart? Why do you do what you do? What do you believe? In whom, have you believed?

Do I really know the Lord Jesus Christ? Do  I have a personal relationship with Christ?  Do I genuinely walk in His ways? Am I bound by pretence; keeping up appearances in the presence of others?

Lord Jesus, “Prepare the Way,” prepare my heart to receive you.

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