🌍 To the Ends of The Earth 🌍

The sharing of the Gospel globally may seem an overwhelming feat, but in reality God used ordinary people to start it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was literally taken far and wide by a group of people. These were ordinary people, including fishermen. The vision of Jesus is to see His message preached globally.

Fishers of Souls:

It is Jesus’ desire that His followers, submit to Him; follow His teachings and become disciples. As a disciple, Jesus Christ commissions you, by His Spirit, to share the Gospel. As a follower of Jesus Christ, you are a miniature version of Him, constantly sharing the Gospel and fishing for souls. It is God who determines the harvest.

Be encouraged today, I pray for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in your life. May the Spirit of Boldness come upon you this hour. Go forward with the unction and zeal of the God. Amen.

Ruth Dicksonwww.gihonpublishing.com

Q: info@gihonpublishing.com

The Zeal and Boldness of the Lord is bestowed by His Spirit.  May the Lord renew your strength...

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