He Will Make You Lie Down in Green Pastures by Ruth Dickson.

“Green Pastures”… absolutely, God will make you lie down there. It is a beautiful picture of God’s Grace. You don’t have to earn access into this greenery…God simply makes you lie down… by His Spirit. Hallelujah. 👇🏾

It’s all about Grace.

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Preparedness by Ruth Dickson

Be Prepared


Matthew 25:1-13

It is not a coincidence that the Bible uses “Oil” as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.  Without Oil, a machine cannot function; in other words, a car cannot run on empty gas.  

How many of us run on empty and expect to be filled up – whenever we have need – from the brother or sister who is connected with the Holy Spirit. This is what happened in the story of the Ten Virgins ( Mat.25:1-13). It is not that all the Ten Virgins were not tired… Scripture says that, “As the bridegroom was delayed, they all became drowsy and slept.” Both the wise and foolish Virgins were in the same position, tired, fed up and weary, however the wise virgins did not have their vision of Christ  obscured.

What is it that obscures your vision of Christ? What is it that makes one spiritually dead?

When we are not connected to the Spirit of God, but connected to buying, selling, social gatherings; including gatherings on social media, seeking pleasure (in all it forms), it shows ones heart and soul is entangled.  We walk in unbelief if we are not expecting the return of our Saviour, no matter how tired we are!

Are you waiting for the Lord to  return until you have Faith in God? By then it will be far too late ( v.8 -11). You do not know the day or hour of the Lord’s return, so you must be spiritually tuned in to the Spirit of God.  

Heaven is open to all who “truly” believe in Christ, but shut against those who walk in doubt, fear and unbelief.  Those who believe the Word of God know for SURE what they have believed.

©️Ruth Dickson


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The Good Shepherd written by Ruth Dickson.

The Good Shepherd.

John 10:1-18
In John 10, Jesus describes himself as the Door through which the Sheep go through. He also defines Himself
as the true Shepherd, who genuinely comes through the door, unlike the false one, who seeks entrance through the window.


A “thief” and a “robber” knows he will never be allowed into a person’s home to carry  out evil intentions. The false Shepherd knows if he makes his intentions known, he will be rejected. The false Shepherd comes into the Sheepfold with only one intention, and that is to rob and deceive you (John 10:10).

Meat, Flax and Wool:

There are two sorts of people who work on a Sheep farm.
There are those who nurture, lead, guide and feed the Sheep, in other words (they take care of the Sheep). There are also those who only keep Sheep for what they can extract from the Sheep: the Sheeps Meat, Flax and Wool – in other words – (they keep the Sheep for the sole purpose of material gain).

This is a picture of the two kinds of Shepherds you will find in the Body of Christ today.

The emblems of a True Shepherd:

The True Shepherd will go after his sheep when they are lost. The True Shepherd often goes into places he would not ordinarily go into, to find lost Sheep. The True Shepherd  prevails in extraordinary prayers for his Sheep, they very often get into very complex and difficult situations. The True
Shepherd cares for the Sheep and is concerned about the worries and cares of the Sheep.

A real Shepherd will fight off foxes and wolves which try to break through the fence to kill and eat the Sheep. This is the same way the True Shepherd behaves. He is fiercely protective over the flock God has given him. He will not allow them to be exploited.

The True Shepherd guides his Sheep, leading them in the paths of righteousness. The True Shepherd is ultimately concerned about the condition of the souls of his Sheep.  The True Shepherd feeds his Sheep and loves them, as Christ has commanded him to feed and love them. (John 21:17).

“Oil for the Journey” – Volume 2

Excerpt from Ruth Dickson’s Daily Devotional, “Oil for the Journey” Volume 2

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Blessed are your eyes and ears written by Ruth Dickson.

Blessed are your eyes and ears.

“Blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear, for assuredly, I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.” – Matthew 13:16

How do we see and how do we hear?

By the Spirit of God, the Word is first of all received and then revealed in our hearts. What is happening on the inside of us will inevitably be revealed on the outside. It is impossible for God’s Word not to bear fruit in our lives. If you bear no fruit, it means the seed has been sown on stony or thorny ground (Matthew 13:1-9). The Word of God never changes, but our understanding of it does.

Psalm 119:18 says, “Open my eyes that I may see the wonderful things in God’s Word.” God’s Word should bear much fruit in our lives.

 God’s Word, is a seed, that we need to read and hear daily. It needs to fall on good ground and bear much fruit and produce a deeply rooted work in our souls. I pray that God’s Word will fall on good soil.

May God bless your eyes and your ears so that you can hear and see, clearly. Amen (Matthew 13:16).

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Excerpt from Ruth Dickson’s Daily Devotional, “Oil for the Journey,” Volume 2

Spiritual Understanding Written by Ruth Dickson

Spiritual  Understanding. Isaiah 6:9

The gospel can be preached, but refused and rejected, by the closing of the heart and the blocking of the ears. This was the case in the time of the Prophet Isaiah. He was sent to a people who hardened their hearts and deafened their ears (Isaiah 6). Isaiah prophesied; that when Christ came, they would keep on hearing, but not understand. They would see, but not perceive anything he said (Isaiah 6:9).

When Christ walked on the earth the Jews of the synagogue, which comprised the Church at that time, rejected the gospel Christ preached. These religious men believed in good works and did not understand Christ’s Mission for the salvation of souls. They did not understand Christ’s purpose of redemption. Christ fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy in Isaiah 6:9, many people were not able to receive, perceive or understand Christ’s words or sayings.

God wants us to benefit from scripture. Our devotion time and the preaching we hear is very important. The voice of the Holy Spirit is our Guide, while we live on earth. It is the Spirit of God who gives us spiritual understanding. The soil that seeds are sown into must be good soil to produce good fruit. The children of God have seeds of righteousness planted in their soul.  It is grace that keeps it there and it is grace that enables, what is seen and heard, to produce much fruit. Those who are born of God do not continue to sin, but walk in God’s righteousness (1John 3:9).

Excerpt from Ruth Dickson’s Daily Devotional “Oil for the Journey” Volume 2

 Isaiah 6:9

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“You are the God who sees me,” said Hagar. –Genesis 16:1-15 written by Ruth Dickson

“You are the God who sees me,” said Hagar. –Genesis 16:1-15

The book of Genesis hosts a somewhat controversial story of a woman who gave God a name… The writer of Genesis thought it a story worthy of record; to etch it in history, for the whole world to see.

Hagar, an Egyptian maid-servant, met the “angel of the Lord” by a spring of water.

The Spirit of the Lord, is a Spring of Life to all who drink from Him. In this case, the angel of the Lord found Hagar. He met her in her wilderness and spoke life over her.

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What a story of Grace!

 Hagar, a maid and least in her society, found mercy and grace, where she least expected it. Do you know God reaches out to the least in society, He goes out of His way to fight for the disenfranchised. God speaks on behalf of those who face injustice. God saves the souls of those who are lost.

What a wilderness experience!

So much so, that Hagar gave Yahweh (God) a name, recorded in history forever. “She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her”: EL ROI.

“You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” (EL ROI).

© Ruth Dickson

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“OIL FOR THE JOURNEY” Daily Bible Devotional VOLUME 2:

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Why do you ask my name seeing it is wonderful?” by Ruth Dickson

Just like Sarah, Rachel and Hannah, Manoah’s wife, described as barren, received a miracle from the Lord. This miracle was announced by the angel of the Lord. This promise was given at a time when Israel lived in Sin. Because of Israel’s depravity and sin, they were constantly overrun and bombarded by the Philistines. They needed a Saviour to deliver them from the hands of their enemies.

Manoah prayed to also have a special visitation from the Lord because the angel had spoken to his wife. His prayers were granted and the angel of the Lord appeared the second time. This time, his wife ran to get him.

Upon hearing the message, Manoah was filled with great joy and tried to offer the angel of the Lord, who appeared like a man, food to eat. The Lord did not need anything from Manoah, but accepted a sacrificial burnt offering.

“And Manoah said to the angel of the Lord, “What is your Name…” (Judges 13: 17), but the Angel of the Lord gave a response that was unexpected. As in the case of Jacob, the Angel of the Lord responded with a question, “Why do you ask my name seeing it is Wonderful?

That Wonderful Name:
Manoah was given a glimpse of the glory of God (Judges 13:17-20). The name “Wonderful” as prophesied by Isaiah in Isaiah Chapter 9:6-7, speaks of the glory and wonder of One who is incomprehensible, inaccessible and unsearchable. He is beyond human understanding. The Lord is worshipped in the beauty of holiness and splendor. He resides in the firmament of power and glory. What radiance and power surrounds the name that is unparalleled. There is no greater name than the name of the Jesus, the Son of God, the glory of Heaven and Earth, the Savior of the World.

“Who has ascended to heaven and come down? Who has gathered the wind in his fists? Who has wrapped up the waters in a garment? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is his name, and what is his son’s name? Surely you know!” Proverbs 30:4
© Ruth Dickson

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“Please tell me your name,” asked Jacob. (Genesis 32:29) written by Ruth Dickson

“Please tell me your name,” asked Jacob. (Genesis 32:29)

Jacob’s heart was disquieted with him. The news of Esau marching towards him with four–hundred men caused Jacob to take action (Genesis 32: 6-8). In fear, and expecting to be attacked by Esau, Jacob asked his wives, children, servants with his life-stock, to walk ahead of him.  However, in the midst of the commotion, Jacob did one important thing, He cried out to God! (Genesis 32:11-21).

Jacob Struggles with God (Genesis 32:24-28).

Scripture describes Jacob as getting into the place where he “wrestled” with a supernatural being in prayer. Jacob struggled with God, but did not prevail.  His mysterious conversation with God, described as a battle, resulted in a dislocated hip-joint. No man can struggle with God and prevail. Jacob would not have his way this time.

Please tell me Your Name? (Genesis 32:29)

Jacob asked God His name. In response to Jacob’s question, God asked Him a question, “Why is it that you ask about My name?”

God chose not to reveal himself further to Jacob; He had to make do with what God had already revealed. Though Jacob did not get a response to his question, he did get a blessing.

If you believe in Jesus Christ today, you have a greater revelation about who God is than Jacob. In Christ, you come boldly before God’s throne of Grace. You see God face to face.

God Gave Jacob a new Identity!

You may be facing a challenge, may I encourage you to wrestle with God in prayer like Jacob. You may feel weak, pray anyway.  It is not in the strength of your prayer, but in the strength of God’s Spirit, that abides with you, as you pray. In Jacobs’s weakness, God’s power was made perfect. Jacob had to come clean with God and prevail in prayer, to the point where God dislocated his hip.

Jacob could not change the past; God did not change his past; but God did what was most important:

God gave Jacob a new identity. In Christ, you become brand new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

© Ruth Dickson

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