revelation1_511In the latter part Rev.1:5 (f), we are reminded of certain truths and Christ’s relationship to us. In His love, He saved us and washed us from our sins. He gave His life for the Church. The love of Christ is everlasting, just as He loved the Church then, He loves it now. Some version of the Bible say, “To Him who has loved us.” The love of the Lord Jesus Christ could be seen as what He accomplished in the past. He certainly loved us in the past, just as He loves us now. His love is everlasting, without beginning and without end. The focus here is not on a past love. It is about His present love, a perpetual and continuous love.

The Church was facing all kinds of obstacles when the Book of Revelation was written. It was a time of suffering, difficulty and trial for the sake of the gospel. The Church went through horrendous experiences, just as it does in this age. In the middle of it all, John reminds the Church of the love of Christ.

Whatever you are going through, the trials you see the body of Christ going through. just remember the constant and continuous love of Christ. His love remains the same through the ages. He will not leave His Church, His glorious bride to suffer alone. He is with her always, even until the very end (Matthew 28:20).

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