“He will not fail nor be discouraged,

Till He has established justice in the earth;

And the coastlands shall wait for His law.” – Isaiah 42:4

Your present sufferings are temporary and nothing compared to the eternal glory to come. You shall rejoice with the fullness of Joy. Christ has triumphed! Christ is victorious!

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Peace be with you

Peace be with you – John 14:27

You are not alone as a follower of Jesus Christ. As Christ departed from His disciples, He gave them a solemn promise. They would have no need to fear because His peace would always be with them.

As a Believer in Christ you have divine peace. This is very different from the false peace this world gives. The peace Christ gives is based solidly on His Word.

Have Faith today and believe in God’s Word. God’s Peace is part of your inheritance forever…

©️ Ruth Dickson

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Do your eyes see the unseen?

Your first point of reference when you talk about FAITH should be Hebrews Chapter Eleven. The book of Hebrews holds the famous, “Faith Hall of Fame,” (Hebrews 11:1-40). Here you have Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Rahab, Gideon… just to mention a few, both men and women, in remembrance of their Faith extraordinaire!

Faith, in the spiritual sense, is based upon the promises of God. It is not based upon what you can see with your physical eyes, or obtain with your own hands. You receive by Faith: “the substance of things hoped for…”

You don’t need faith to see what is seen. You can just walk right up to it and touch it. It takes discernment to see the unseen. The invisible cannot be perceived with the natural senses. Faith helps you see the invisible. What can only be revealed by God is a work of the Spirit.

Today, I want you to rejoice in the great expectation of what is to come. Continue without wavering in your Faith, It is the foundation of your hope. All that God has promised you in Christ is Yes and Amen.

© Ruth DicksonUK
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It was not an easy feat for Joshua to give the officers the commission he received from God (Josh.1:10-11). He reacted to the instruction given him, without delay. How many times do believers in Christ reason and delay for weeks, months and even years without end, the instructions of Almighty God?

To obey, at the Lord’s command, is what brings victory and success (Joshua 1:8). David understood the importance of obedience when he said, “I made haste, and did not delay to keep Your commandments” (Psalm 119:60). Lack of faith, is what often causes a person to disobey God. Have you ever seen a person stand up to do something, but in their heart they are sitting down? “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not to men,” says Colossians 3:23. Prompt obedience and immediate action is required for the success of whatever God asks His children to do.

Do you run swiftly in the path of His commands? Psalm 119:32 says it more clearly, “I run in the path of your commands, for you have broadened my understanding.”


How you respond to the Lord’s command is evidence of your faith. The believer is to trust in God’s ability. He is able! God is able to see you through whatever He requires of you. Joshua was given an impossible task, but the Lord did not leave him on His own to do it. He strengthened Him. He emboldened him with these words: “I will be with you: I will not fail you or forsake you. Be strong and of good courage” (Josh.1:5,6). The Lord is strengthening you today!

The believer must have faith that God’s Words are true. Do you believe that God has already given you the ability to do what He has asked you to do? With the belief that God’s Words were true, Joshua and the children of Israel entered into their possession. Faith and obedience walk hand in hand. Trust in the Lord with all your heart today! (Prov.3:5). He is alive, He is real.

© Ruth Dickson UK

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week41His promises are absolute

“Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires;
God will satisfy them fully!” – Matthew 5:6

You can only live by grace if you believe in Jesus Christ. You can pray for the grace to do what He requires. You can pray with confidence when you know you are praying according to His will, plan and purpose.

To be led by HIS SPIRIT:

He desires to give you what He has promised. He is a good Father, He does not tell lies. He will lead you to pray “according to His will,” by His Spirit. Hold steadfast to the promises of God.

– Luke 11:13

He desires to give you what He has promised. He is a good Father, He does not tell lies. He will lead you to pray “according to His will,” by His Spirit. Hold steadfast to the promises of God.

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” – Luke 11:13

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revelation1_511In the latter part Rev.1:5 (f), we are reminded of certain truths and Christ’s relationship to us. In His love, He saved us and washed us from our sins. He gave His life for the Church. The love of Christ is everlasting, just as He loved the Church then, He loves it now. Some version of the Bible say, “To Him who has loved us.” The love of the Lord Jesus Christ could be seen as what He accomplished in the past. He certainly loved us in the past, just as He loves us now. His love is everlasting, without beginning and without end. The focus here is not on a past love. It is about His present love, a perpetual and continuous love.

The Church was facing all kinds of obstacles when the Book of Revelation was written. It was a time of suffering, difficulty and trial for the sake of the gospel. The Church went through horrendous experiences, just as it does in this age. In the middle of it all, John reminds the Church of the love of Christ.

Whatever you are going through, the trials you see the body of Christ going through. just remember the constant and continuous love of Christ. His love remains the same through the ages. He will not leave His Church, His glorious bride to suffer alone. He is with her always, even until the very end (Matthew 28:20).

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The Faithful Witness

Revelation1_5THE FAITHFUL WITNESS; (Rev. 1:5 – Part 1)

In the days of trial you need someone you can trust and rely on. You need someone who is a rock. Jesus Christ is described as the One who gives us Grace and peace. He is described as, “the faithful witness. In Rev. 1:5, John reflects upon Psalm 89. God the Son is fully described in His threefold office of Prophet, Priest, and King here. In verses 36 and 37 it says,

His seed shall endure forever, And his throne as the sun before Me; 37 It shall be established forever, like the moon, Even like the faithful witness in the sky.” (Psalm 89:36:37)

In this Psalm, the Psalmist talks about the endurance of the sun and the moon. The sun and moon are “faithful” witnesses in the sky, in that they never cease to give light to the earth. Even when dark clouds appear on the earth, the sun shines and is present behind the scenes. As we look up every night, the moon is always there. The sun and moon are stable, they have been set in place by Almighty God.

Jesus Christ is the faithful witness (Rev.1:5). He is as sure as the sun and moon, described in Psalm 89. Reliable and dependable is His name. Jesus came to bear witness to the truth (John 18:37). He is Jesus Christ the anointed, and appointed Saviour. He is the “faithful witness.” (Rev.1;5).

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Stay tuned and follow this whole series on Revelation. The riches in Christ are unsearchable. You can read the whole Revelation series here. Until Christ returns, we must equip ourselves with His Word.

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Confidence in the Living God

20_7 (2)

It is a beautiful thing, pure joy for a person to put their trust in the Living God. He is reliable and trustworthy, a solid rock you can stand on all the days of your life. He provides shelter and tranquility in a chaotic world.

The world does not teach us to place our confidence in the the Creator. Rather, it teaches us to look for other sources of strength (chariots and horses). During the times of battle, multitudes of chariots and horses would give the Syrians confidence. The more the chariots and horses, the more they assured themselves of victory. However, David relied on God’s strength to win His battles. He was not intimidated by their numerous chariots and horses (2 Sam. 8:4, 10:18). Every believer can learn from this. Even whole nations tremble before the presence of the Lord (Psalm 99:1)

The saving strength of the right hand of the Lord is exalted in the lives of those whose confidence is in Him. So distinguished is its power, that the believer gladly boasts in it. They find no strength in human hands. The believer boasts all the more in his or her weakness because they know they rely upon the power of God. God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

While chariots and horses sink, those who stand on the solid rock, Jesus Christ, will stand upright and stand strong. Trust in the Lord with all your heart today!

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Approaching God

Week4Confidence in approaching God

What a friend we have in Jesus. Through Him we have access to the Father. It is a privilege and great honour to have access to the throne of grace. What an assurance, that whatever we ask, according to His will, He hears. We have boldness in Christ to approach the Father, with our prayers and petitions regardless of our situations or circumstances. It is a comfort to know that our supplications are heard, received and accepted when we pray “according to His will.”

The Lord knows what is best for us, He determines our paths. If we pray for things that will ultimately hurt us, they will not be granted. He is the Lord who knows all things, He will not grant such contrary prayers. God’s judgement is always according to truth. 1 John 3:22 says that whatever we ask for, we receive because we keep His commands and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.

Will He find your prayer request pleasing or distasteful: in complete contradiction to His will?

Let us pray today that our prayers will be agreeable to God. Let them line up with his plan and purposes for our lives and the lives of others. Let us pray for the grace to submit to His will and do what He requires of us. This is a promise and guarantee, according to 1 John 5:14, that when we ask of anything, “according His will,” He will hear us. Amen. If this blessed you, do share it and bless someone today.

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Draw near to God

4_8This weekend is a brilliant time to “draw near to God.” He is worthy. In His presence is the fullness of joy, favour and blessings. When you seek God first you will see His completeness and sufficiency. It is a place of grace.

The Ancient of Days has been merciful in times past as He is now. To Zechariah He said,

Therefore, say to the people, ‘This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says: Return to me, and I will return to you, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.’”

To Malachi He said,

 Now return to me, and I will return to you,” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.”

We shall see the Lord’s glory when we return to Him. As with Zechariah and Malachi, the the Lord will turn to us in mercy. This is where we see the Lord’s glory. His mercies are new every morning (Lam 3: 22 – 23).


With Him is wisdom, understanding and discretion. We must listen and obey His instructions. He is a God who speaks, but the flesh is so weak. Ephraim loved the blessings of God, but was not prepared to obey His instruction. There are many blessings that come with obedience. Praying for the grace to hear and obey the instructions of Lord is very important.

Call in “truth”

Psalm 145:18 specifically talks about God being near to those who call out to Him in “truth.” One of the attributes of God is His omnipresence. To be omnipresent, means to be everywhere at the same time. He knows and sees all things. To pray in “truth” we must have a pure and sincere heart. He is ever merciful, so we must ask God to cleanse and forgive us of anything the will hinder His Spirit. (Psalm 32:5, James 4:8).

The beauty of the Lord is that His presence comes with a host of blessings. There is nothing God will withhold from those who seek Him. He is a sun and shield, He bestows favour and honour on those whose walk is blameless (Psalm 84:11).

Be encouraged today to seek the Lord. Spend quality time in His presence. Hear instruction and obey the voice of the Lord.

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