It was necessary for Christ to give His life.

He was lifted up for the world to see, He paid the price: a Living Sacrifice.


Christ The Mediator Redeemed us.

It was a finished work, freeing sinners, from the power and guilt of sin.


The 2 affects from Christ’s redemptive work are:

1.Justification and forgiveness of sin

2. Deliverance from the enslaving defilement and power of sin.

Christ shed His blood on behalf of many, redeeming them: purchasing them to Himself. You are no longer a slave to your past, but FREE IN CHRIST, a new creation, bought with the precious BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.


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Love Your Enemies.

All ears must be attentive and hearts wide open to the words of Jesus. Each Word that proceeds from the mouth of Jesus is more precious than diamonds, rubies and Gold.

Jesus Christ says, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who despitefully use you (without the expectation of reciprocation on this earth). Your reward in in Heaven.

The love you give your enemies is a demonstration of Christ at work in you. Christ in you, the hope of glory. Be an imitator of Christ today. Love your enemies.

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The Love of Christ

The Love of Christ.

There is no better person to speak about tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril or sword than the Apostle Paul. He’d been through it all. He certainly spoke from experience.

Trials like these are enough to make life a living hell, but none of these circumstances can separate you from God’s Love. Christ has conquered them all, giving you victory over them all, paying the Ultimate price for you on the Cross.

God’s Love is Christ’s love.

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An Accomplished Work

An Accomplished Work

The Levitical system was a legal system of repeated ceremonies. These sacrifices were incomplete because they could not cleanse the sins of the people, it only covered them. Their sin and the guilt remained, hence the never ending routine to cover the continuous sins of the people.

Christ accomplished the work of Redemption in one single sacrifice. He presented His body as that, once and for all, Living Sacrifice.

The supremacy of Christ is displayed in this wonderful work of Redemption. Glorify His name forever.

© Ruth Dickson

You reflect God’s Image and Gloryi

You represent God’s Love.

God so loved this world, so much so that He gave His only begotten Son to it. He did not leave this world in its sinful condition without help;without a way out. He redeemed the situation, in a pure act of His unfailing Love.

Understanding God’s nature, His mind, His eternal and unchangeable attributes will help you understand God’s Love…though you may never fully understand it.

God’s Word shows us His mind and His love towards us. But not only that…it transforms our way of thinking. It unites us with God’s mind, It completely transforms the life of the Believer.

©️Ruth Dickson

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john3_18Believe in the SON

The New World Order (NWO) teaches that all roads lead to Heaven. It teaches that any faith or religion can give you direct access to the FATHER. The Bible clearly teaches us that no one can approach Almighty God directly because of sin. The human race is in a sinful condition and there is no form of self-effort, adherence to a set of rules, good works or religion that can make a person righteous before God. God is Holy. The human race needed a mediator to bring reconciliation, to stand in the gap between God and man. Being good, self-efforts, self – works or any form of self-righteousness cannot and can never please God.

Almighty God took pity on mankind in its sinful condition. He loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son as a living sacrifice for sin. That whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16). The Spirit of God came to earth to save mankind through our Lord Jesus Christ. He is One with God, He is the eternal Son of God. Without Him we can not see God. He is the righteousness of God, it is only through Him that a person can be right with God.

There is something innate within the human heart that knows in needs to get right with God. This manifests itself in all forms of self-works, self-efforts and the keeping to sets or forms of rules. None of these things can please God, no matter how hard we humanly try. This is why we need a Saviour, one who has already paid the price for our sin with His own life.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and it is only through Him that we have salvation. There is no other way.

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revelation1_511In the latter part Rev.1:5 (f), we are reminded of certain truths and Christ’s relationship to us. In His love, He saved us and washed us from our sins. He gave His life for the Church. The love of Christ is everlasting, just as He loved the Church then, He loves it now. Some version of the Bible say, “To Him who has loved us.” The love of the Lord Jesus Christ could be seen as what He accomplished in the past. He certainly loved us in the past, just as He loves us now. His love is everlasting, without beginning and without end. The focus here is not on a past love. It is about His present love, a perpetual and continuous love.

The Church was facing all kinds of obstacles when the Book of Revelation was written. It was a time of suffering, difficulty and trial for the sake of the gospel. The Church went through horrendous experiences, just as it does in this age. In the middle of it all, John reminds the Church of the love of Christ.

Whatever you are going through, the trials you see the body of Christ going through. just remember the constant and continuous love of Christ. His love remains the same through the ages. He will not leave His Church, His glorious bride to suffer alone. He is with her always, even until the very end (Matthew 28:20).

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Revelation1_1A Revelation of Jesus Christ
It brings deep humility knowing there are certain things in life that can only be understood by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Book of Revelation is one of them. You will notice that many commentators of the Bible, often do not extend their commentaries into Revelation.

To reveal something, is to disclose something, not previously known or understood. However, in reality, as you read through Revelation, you will discover several layers of mysteries that are hard to understand. Despite the veils within the Book, we must remember its purpose (i.e.) to “reveal” what it hidden. We must always remind ourselves of the name of this Book: REVELATION!

Jesus Christ revealed:
The opening verse (Rev.1:1) clearly reveals the subject of The Book Revelation: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” There are other elements, sometimes given as the subject of The Book Revelation, like the mysteries of the millennium, the histories of the world, (from the first to the second coming of Christ), pictures of marvelous beasts, fascinating symbols and so on. However, the fundamental lesson of The Book of Revelation is Jesus Christ. It is an unveiling of truth about Jesus Christ to our souls, minds and hearts.

The fundamental purpose of The Book of Revelation is to increase our understanding, appreciation our love for and obedience to Jesus Christ. To focus on anything else is to undoubtedly miss the main point of the Book. The main point is not to support prophetic systems or satisfy our quests for the answer to lots of mysterious questions. I can not over emphasize the main point of the Book of Revelation and that is: to reveal to us Jesus Christ.

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