Messenger of the New Covenant.

From the mountains of Zion and Moriah, heralds proclaimed the good news of the coming Messiah. Christ, would be the messenger of the New Covenant. Today, we have heralds who publish the good news globally. Blessed are the feet which publish and proclaim Christ’s message. Blessed are those who bring good tidings of peace and salvation to future generations.

It starts with a little seed:

Share Jesus with a child today. Jesus is the lover of the Soul. He cares about your children. Brothers and sisters in Christ we have the responsibility to SHARE Christ to the next generation.

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软弱的要说:‘我是勇士。’ Message on Ephesians 6:10 for Mandarin speakers. (English version is  below the Mandarin)



只要堅定地信靠神,就可以使我們在風雨中站穩。神是信心的來源。 信心可以放在除了耶穌基督之外不同的地方。它可以放在:









保羅在以弗所书六章十節十分清楚地提到:‘… 要靠主的大能大力…’。在腓立比书四章十三節也有講到,當你靠着神加给你的能力,凡事都能作。另外,在提摩太后书二章一節也說:‘应当在基督耶稣的恩典里刚强起来’。有多少次,我們從神給予的恩典走向我們自己的努力。上帝給我們自由和毫不費力。




Let the weak say they are strong:
Always remember, your strength is not in yourself, but in the Lord.

Faith that is firmly placed on God will stand strong through the storm. He is the author of faith. The fact is that unawares, faith can be placed in places, other than The Lord Jesus Christ. It can be placed in:

➡️ In people
➡️ In Material things
➡️ In Investments
➡️ Institutions
➡️ Achievements
( these are just examples, this list is not exhaustive ).

The question is: where does your strength lay?

If it is in any thing, or anywhere, other than The Lord Jesus Christ, you are setting yourself up for an unwelcome surprise.

Paul’s words in Eph. 6:10 boldly and clearly tell us to: “…be strong in The Lord…” and gladly so. Phil. 4:13 says, you “can do all things through Christ” who strengthens you.” 2 Tim. 2:1 declares, “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” How many times do we walk away from God’s grace to our own self- efforts. God gives freely and effortlessly.

The power of Christ is mighty. It cannot be compared to any human strength, which fails in its infirmities and weaknesses.

I pray today, you will hold fast to Paul’s words and be STRENGTHENED.
© Ruth DicksonUK

Reaching Nations Hostile to the Gospel

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Pray for the children who have never heard about Jesus. Sometimes we take it for granted that everyone has heard about Jesus. Pray for the children in hard to reach hostile areas. Pray for God to send preachers so that those who have not heard the gospel will hear the gospel. How can they hear unless someone is sent? Pray that those who are sent will not be rejected. Amen. Please share.

Available in English, Mandarin, Filipino, French, Dutch, German and Russian. Please pray for the advancement of this work, Amen.