EVENING PRAYERS: Thursday 12th December 2019

Evening Prayers:

Tonight, let us pray for the men, women, children and babies who suffer abuse.

Let us pray that God in His mercy and compassion will rescue people from all kinds of abuse…

Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. Galatians 5:19-21

🙏Pray that God will open your eyes to the forms of abuse going on around you. In homes, in schools… where ever this abuse is taking place… may it be uncovered in Jesus name.

🙏Pray for children who are kidnapped, especially from African countries, and taken as slaves across borders into Arab countries, be rescued and restored by the power of God. Pray that God will expose the hidden trade slave routes that still exist.

🙏Pray for the mental health of workers who treat victims, and deal with cases of rape daily.

🙏Pray that God will hear the cries of those who pray daily to be rescued from impossible situations, that God will rescue and hide them from the reach and gaze of the enemy.

🙏Pray those with cases of historical abuse receive peace, healing and justice.

🙏Pray God will send His angels to earth, as He did in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Pray God will act swiftly.

©️Ruth Dickson

Heavenly Treasures Ministries




In whatever format Believers in Christ meet, there are many privileges and advantages of the people coming together as one.

The nourishment of the soul is of utmost importance and this takes place when Believers gather together to hear God’s Word. (Mathew 16:26).

God’s power is present wherever Believers meet. Mathew 18:20 says, where two or three are assembled in my name, I am there among them.

Faith is increased, as the members of the Body see and imitate the lives of their Leaders (Hebrews 13:7). Likewise the Leaders in the Body of Christ, become encouraged when they see the fruit of their labour. ( John 15:4-5).

The Body of Christ increases in numbers when the gospel is proclaimed (Acts 2:41-42, 47). It perseveres in its call and mandate.


No one knows the day of the Lord’s return (Mark 13:32), however the Bible gives us clues (Luke 21:29) and asks us to prepare and be ready like the wise virgins in (Matthew 25:1-13).

Every child of God should, “watch therefore”(Mathew 25:13) because the Lord will appear like a thief in the night (2 Peter 3:10) and catch many unawares and unprepared.

While the enemy goes on a wild rampage distracting the Body of Christ, I pray you will be among those who stay alert, are watchful and are ready. I pray you be among those who will rejoice and be glad at the Lord’s sudden return. Amen.

©️ Ruth Dickson



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Don’t fall down…


Brothers and sisters in Christ I’d like to encourage you this hour. Hold fast to the confession of your Faith. Be focused, be steadfast, be strong.

The work Christ has done is complete. He has taken away your sin so that you may walk in everlasting righteousness. Christ has done everything so that you may stand firm in your Faith. Keep your eyes focused on Christ.

He who promised is Faithful.

Do not throw away your trust in God. Do not be enticed to look back through coercion, persecution, tribulation or doubt. His promises never fail, you will never be disappointed, Christ will do as has said.

Let us therefore walk boldly in the righteousness of God. There is a rich reward to come. Be faithful in the profession of your Faith. Be steadfast in your Faith, persevere in your Faith, be strengthened in your Faith, Amen.

©️ Ruth Dickson

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Are your feet beautiful?

Peace and Salvation

The deliverance of the Israel from Babylon was similar to the way in which Christ would redeem those who believe in Him from the hands of the oppressor. It was said of the Lord, “the Lord has founded Zion, And the poor of His people shall take refuge in it.” (Isaiah 14:32).

Christ came to earth by the Spirit of the Lord. He was anointed by God, “to preach the gospel to the poor.” He was sent to “heal the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.” (Luke 3:18,19).

The beautiful feet of Jesus

The godly who labour for the Lord have beautiful feet and are to be respected, honoured and highly esteemed. Those who disrespect and dishonour the servants of God have a contrary spirit working through them. “Brothers and sisters, we ask you to accept the godly leaders who work hard among you. They care for you in the Lord. They correct you. Have a lot of respect for them. Love them because of what they do. Live in peace with one another ( 1 Thess.5:12-14).

Feet described as beautiful, are free from, smell, dirt, dust, dry skin, corns and calluses. The Bible describes those who spread the gospel as beautiful because they display Christ’s beauty. They are godly; humble; kind; Compassionate; long suffering; merciful; lovers of peace… but most of all, they are Lovers of the Soul. They love the Good News of Peace and Salvation and share it; preach it; publish it; tell of it; wherever they go!

©️ Ruth Dickson



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Jesus our Joy


Jesus is the fullness of Joy. You see dear brothers and sisters in Christ, there are measures of Joy❗️I don’t know about you, but I know for sure, there is no other name under the Sun in which you will find the FULLNESS of Joy.

I want you dear reader to be filled with the FULLNESS OF JOY. This can only be found in Jesus Christ, The Son of God. He is the the centre and completeness of all JOY.

Let you heart be filled with laughter this hour. Oh yes, the laughter of the Lord. Your your soul burst forth with rejoicing. Rejoice and rejoice again, I say. Jesus is your Joy. It’s your time to REJOICE Believer in Christ. It’s your time, JESUS is the FULLNESS of your Joy.

Sing, clap your hands, dance, jump, twirl, spin, throw cart wheels and rejoice. Proclaim aloud the Good News:



And the angel said to them, Fear not, for behold, I announce to you glad tidings of great joy, which shall be to all the people;

(Luke 2:10).

©️Ruth Dickson



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The Oil of the Spirit
Truly, the Word of God is light which shines brightly in a world overcast with darkness. The power of God’s Word is like a high powered flash light in the dark. Without it we would stumble and fall. It lights up the path way revealing the rocks and bumps along the way.

Each step of the person who clings to God’s Word will be in the right direction. Even if they go in the wrong direction, the Spirit of God will gently lead them to the right one. “Teach me your way, LORD; lead me in a straight path because of my oppressors.” Psalm 27:11. The Spirit of God helps us in a practical way in our everyday decisions.

The Sun of Righteousness is the light of the world. He is the Oil, that feeds the lamp. He is the giver of eternal hope and salvation.The Word of God is an everlasting light, leading people to everlasting life.

“He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake” – Psalm 23:3.

© Ruth DicksonUK ‪#‎RuthDicksonUK‬ #‎ChristianAuthor‬SingerMissionary
The riches in Christ are inexhaustible.

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fb-banner14Return to the Lord
The earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof. He is able to use every available resource within it to draw us back to Him.

Come let us return to the Lord:
Israel had departed from the ways of the Lord. The chapter preceding Hosea 6, ends with an announcement: He vows to bring His children back to Him. In their distress they would seek Him diligently,

“I will return again to My place
Till they acknowledge their offense.
Then they will seek My face;
In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me.”
Hosea 5:15

Returning to the Lord
The sin and fall of the Israelites was their worship of Idols. The prophet Hosea admonished and called on them to come to the place of repentance. It is never too late to return to the Lord when we have offended Him. He is full of mercy, compassion and ever ready to forgive.

Let us therefore return to the Lord in repentance, true worship and obedience. Return to the Lord with all your heart. “He has torn us that He may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up.” – Hosea 6:1
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Rejoicing over God’s Word


What a privilege to rejoice over God’s Word this morning! The Word of God reigns supreme over every form of writing, arts and wisdom of men. God’s Word nourishes the soul. David walked in the fear of the Lord. It was reverential fear of the Lord that made him stand in awe of Him. He embraced God’s Word with great JOY.

David compared His JOY over God’s WORD to one who had fought a long drawn battle and won the VICTORY. He likened it to one enjoying the treasures of victory. The challenges of daily living should make God’s Word even more precious to us. The Word of God is greater than the greatest treasure a person could ever find.

What or who is it that seeks to compete with God’s Name and HIS Word? Christ has engaged in battle for us and given us what it more precious than diamonds, gold or sliver…We can enjoy God’s Word because the battle has been already won for us. However, we must contend for TRUTH and fully understand it. Psalm 119:162 says:

“You have exalted above all things your name and your word.”(ESV)

Let nothing stand between you and God’s Word today. The enemy desires to corrupt your soul, nevertheless, you must rejoice in the full knowledge and understanding that the battle has already been won. Rejoice and again I say, Rejoice!

©Ruth Dickson Author UK #RuthDicksonUK  Christian Author


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romans8_16The SPIRIT bears witness with the believers spirit.
The Spirit Himself bears witness with the believers Spirit the he or she is a member of God’s family. Through God’s Word the Spirit confirms the TRUTH.

“Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.” Rom.8:17
Heirs in God’s Kingdom have mind boggling privileges. They are no longer slaves, but heirs.

The sons and daughters of the Living God have a unique and special relationship with the FATHER. All that belongs to Almighty God belongs to His sons and daughters. They are heirs of all that belongs the Father, joint -heirs with Christ.

The children of God are glorified with Christ. While the believer enjoys freedom on earth, they will also go though many afflictions while the soul remains in the human body, it is flesh. However, there is a great expectation of the glory which is to come.

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Spirit of Life versus the Law of Sin and Death

Romans8_2The Spirit of Life versus the Law of Sin and Death

In Romans 8:2, Paul uses the comparison of Life and Death. While the Spirit of Life sets FREE, the Law of Sin and Death holds captives. The gospel is called the “Law of the Spirit of Life” because it ministers Spirit and Life. Sin has its power and dominion, but it has no control over the person who has been given the Spirit of Life. They are FREE from enslavement, condemnation, guilt and shame.

The old nature is replaced by the new nature in Christ. He gives Life, freely and abundantly. The Holy Spirit takes up residence and takes control. It is the new manger.

©Ruth E.A. Dickson UK #RuthDicksonUK Christian Author

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