VICTORY OVER SIN by Ruth Dickson

Victory Over Sin

The work of Christ goes beyond any mental or written acknowledgment. It runs much deeper. It deals with the issue of SIN.

Sold Out:

Who on earth could redeem this world and deliver souls from the dominion and control of the Devil. The situation needed a Redeemer. The unregenerate, sinful condition of the human heart, without the power in the blood, remains the same.

The Physician of the Soul:

Grace breaks the sorrow of the human heart. Only God can wipe away the wounds of the heart, and heal it. Jesus Christ is the healer of the wounded heart. He purchased this healing on the Cross.

The Messenger of Comfort:

The Lord Comforts all who mourn in Zion. He goes up to the highways and down to the byways, bringing consolation and joy. What can compete with or compare to God’s Spirit? “Oh how favoured are those who have the Spirit of God upon them.” – Charles Spurgeon.

Christ Evidently Gives Beauty for Ashes:

In the midst of a storm, who gives peace of body, mind and soul? There is beauty in the peace of God. This world’s gear and cosmetics, bear no comparison to the beauty of the Lord.

Clothed in Garments of Salvation:

God’s people wear Crowns of Glory. They are are clothed with Garments of Salvation and covered in Robes of Righteousness. These beautiful spotless robes, prepared in God’s Holy sanctuary, reveal the Holiness and Sovereignty of God. Satan has no control over it.

The beautiful Bride of Christ, will appear before the BrideGroom, ready and prepared. Not in filthy robes, but adorned with imputed Robes of Righteousness. The glory of this, belongs to Christ alone!

Rejoice and again, I say, Rejoice. The nations are Christ’s inheritance, the whole earth His possession.

©️ Ruth Dickson

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The Well Equipped Soldier written by Ruth Dickson.

Ephesians Posts-04The Well-Equipped Soldier

While Paul was thinking about his situation, in prison, he looked at the full armour of the prison guards and related this it to how

followers of Jesus should be fully equipped for the journey head. Isaiah 59:16-17 also gives insight into Paul’s use of  metaphors.

Paul said we are to  “Take Up” the  whole Armour of God. There is action in taking up something against what is released against you. As the battle rages on in these last days, the Christian soldier must be fully dressed and ready for action.  There is not one part of the Christian Armour that should be missing. 

The Pieces of Armour

Any missing piece of Armour will be that crack through which the enemy will take advantage. God is invisible and the battles He fights are with  forces of darkness that we cannot see. These evil forces launch attacks that are seen by the Omnipresent eyes of God. The invisible Omnipotent hand of God is at work behind the scenes, doing only what an Omniscient God can do.

While God is at work behind the scenes, the Christian Soldier does not run around naked. The Christian is well dressed with righteousness,  holiness, humility, truth and grace.  These are the garments of Salvation. God has given us these garments to wear, he has clothed us and made us holy.

Without these garments you cannot stand against the “wiles of the devil.”

It is with the full armour  (The Belt of Truth; The Breastplate of righteousness; Shoes for the Feet;  The Shield of Faith; The  Helmet of Salvation and The Sword of The Spirit, with prayer at all times that you will stand your ground.

© Ruth Dickson

Heavenly Treasures Ministries

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