Humility, Mercy, Grace, Love and Compassion by Ruth Dickson

Humility, Mercy, Grace, Love and Compassion by Ruth Dickson.

Naomi set out to Bethlehem with Ruth and Oprah, but Naomi decided along the way, it would be selfish and inconsiderate to take Ruth and Orpah with her.

While Oprah turned back, Ruth made the ultimate choice to proceed on that perilous journey with Naomi. Ruth trusted God, as only God could determine their fate. Naomi and Ruth could have been duped, mobbed, robbed or even raped along the way.

What influenced Ruth’s decision? I believe it was the work of the Holy Spirit. Her determination to stick by Naomi, a vulnerable woman, in a defenceless situation, speaks volumes about her nature and character. Ruth took care of Naomi, with such humility, love and compassion. Ruth risked her life, going into the fields, in a strange land, with strange people, to provide food and sustenance for Naomi. God protected and took care of her.

Just like Ruth, many have left homes, wealth, family, vocations, what they desired the most, for what God desired. Just like Ruth, some of you have tended to God’s work, under harsh and inconceivable conditions.

It was God’s desire for Ruth to take care of Naomi, for a much greater purpose than she could see or even imagine. God gave Ruth the resilience and strength of character to do it.

What has God asked you to do today? Is the road treacherous? Is the way hard? Is the decision difficult?

To be United in Christ is to get into unity with God’s given plan and purpose for your life and destiny. To be United in Christ is to receive, BY FAITH, God’s desire for you, knowing and believing, God knows what is best for your life.

Trust in the Living God today. Go ahead, with boldness and do what God wants you to do. If this has blessed you, go ahead and share it. Kindly acknowledge source.

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In the Face of Righteousness by Ruth Dickson

The Spirit of the Lord is the revealer Truth. He changes hearts, changes ideologies, changes mindsets, in opposition to His mindset, enabling them to conform to HIS.

Concepts, ideas and ideologies soaked and dripping in idolatry and worldliness are demolished and become rubble, in the face of God’s righteousness

– Ruth Dickson

She Believed, written by Ruth Dickson

She Simply Believed.

Mary, a consecrated woman, was “greatly troubled” at angel Gabriel’s announcement.

Mary’s response gives us a clue about her spiritual condition.

The announcement of Mary’s immaculate conception would have brought distress to the heart of Joseph. Mary, as a woman of prayer, would have earnestly prayed to God about the matter; that Joseph, the man she was betrothed to, would accept the holy conception as God’s plan and will, just as she had.

Are you selected to live a consecrated life? Do you accept God’s plans and purposes for your life as Yes and Amen?

©️Ruth Dickson

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Justified by Faith by Ruth Dickson

Most of all, having being justified by faith, you are no longer at war with God. You are no longer an enemy of God. Your conscience is cleansed, the guilt of sin removed, you now live at peace with God.

To live a life of grace, you must walk by faith. Hallelujah! The Just live by faith!

©️ Ruth Dickson

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It was necessary for Christ to give His life.

He was lifted up for the world to see, He paid the price: a Living Sacrifice.


Christ The Mediator Redeemed us.

It was a finished work, freeing sinners, from the power and guilt of sin.


The 2 affects from Christ’s redemptive work are:

1.Justification and forgiveness of sin

2. Deliverance from the enslaving defilement and power of sin.

Christ shed His blood on behalf of many, redeeming them: purchasing them to Himself. You are no longer a slave to your past, but FREE IN CHRIST, a new creation, bought with the precious BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.


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Love Your Enemies.

All ears must be attentive and hearts wide open to the words of Jesus. Each Word that proceeds from the mouth of Jesus is more precious than diamonds, rubies and Gold.

Jesus Christ says, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who despitefully use you (without the expectation of reciprocation on this earth). Your reward in in Heaven.

The love you give your enemies is a demonstration of Christ at work in you. Christ in you, the hope of glory. Be an imitator of Christ today. Love your enemies.

©️Ruth Jesus.

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Ruth Dickson (Ruth Jesus)  has no connection or association with the secular author, Ruth Dickson, based in the USA.

As you would like to be treated.

Think about the times you have been treated well by people. How did it feel, especially when you were not in a position to return such kindness.

Happy; joyful; did it give you the desire to do the same to others?

In this scripture. Christ asks us to treat others as we desire to be treated. Imagine you were in the shoes of someone who needed help? How would you like to be treated?

Let us be kind, show compassion and empathy to others, not expecting anything in return. Christ says, “…your reward shall be great, and ye shall be children of the HIGHEST.”(Luke 6:35b).

God’s grace is ever sufficient. Have a blessed Sunday.

©️ Ruth Jesus.


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Heavenly Treasures Ministries has no association or connection with Heavenly Treasures Ministries based in the USA.

Ruth Dickson (Ruth Jesus) has no connection or association with the secular author, Ruth Dickson, based in the USA.

To be treated like royalty, with dignity, compassion and kindness it what everyone desires.

He’s a God of Compassion

He is the Deliverer from Every Trial.

Many go through trials because of their association, faithfulness and obedience to the gospel. Do you deny the gospel because of it? No! You press on and ask God for more grace to continue.

God is a covenant keeper and He never forsakes the righteous. He is called the Father of all mercies and the God of all comfort. He consoles those who mourn in Zion, He weeps, when His children weep.

The Lord is a Comforter; the greatest giver of consolation. He has set such a good example, now you can follow in His footsteps and comfort others. Show empathy and comfort someone today. Have a beautiful weekend!

©️Ruth Dickson

Peace be with you

Peace be with you – John 14:27

You are not alone as a follower of Jesus Christ. As Christ departed from His disciples, He gave them a solemn promise. They would have no need to fear because His peace would always be with them.

As a Believer in Christ you have divine peace. This is very different from the false peace this world gives. The peace Christ gives is based solidly on His Word.

Have Faith today and believe in God’s Word. God’s Peace is part of your inheritance forever…

©️ Ruth Dickson

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The Lord Cares for You

The Lord Cares for You

The book of Isaiah gives us understanding of Christ’s nature, His Mission and His relationship with His Church. Isaiah gave so many prophecies about the coming Messiah.

The Lord would be the strength of Judah, the One who cares, a fortified tower that the righteous run to and are safe (Proverbs 18:10).

Those who wait upon the Lord will never be put to shame. They shall rely on the Lord for their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles, having their faith renewed daily.The Lord shall deliver them from the hands of their enemies. They shall learn to be patient and wait on God in trials. They shall not grow weary or tired as they look to God.

©️ Ruth Dickson