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Without mentioning a name, there is someone on Word Press, you know your-self. You built your ministry on my work. The reality of this is – there will be no reward – for work that does not belong to you, when Christ returns. God is not blind, neither is He mocked. My sleepless nights, sufferings and sacrifice for this spiritual work is recorded by God. He holds a record of it. It is not for you to scoop and present my work as your own. This is deception.

You like the glory, but not the sacrifice it takes to produce such work.

God will give rewards to His children based on the work they have done, not on copied work. Why not put in the effort and present your own work.

This is a warning. Please go through your posts and delete those messages that do not belong to you.

I do not have to call you out. The Spirit of the Lord calls you out…

Message from Ruth Dickson.

God’s Pillar of Grace by Ruth Dickson

God’s Pillar of Grace:

The Bible gives us every reassurance of God’s faithfulness. As God’s people travelled through Wilderness and Desert lands, His Spirit never left them.

In your wilderness, be comforted, the Lord is with you. God’s Pillar of Grace goes before you. In the valley, you are not alone. On the mountain top, the Lord is with you. In the crooked places, He is the light that shines, and breaks through, leading to a straight path. The Lord makes those rough and hard places smooth. He is the Way Maker.

The Lord will see you through your wilderness and desert place, leading you every step of the way. Be comforted with God’s presence along the way. God will never leave or forsake you. He will order your steps by His Word. Amen.

©️ Ruth Dickson

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Let go of Pagan Ways by Ruth Dickson

Peter desired his disciples to place their trust and hope, not in temporal futile things, but in Jesus: the spotless Lamb. The Redeemer. . .

What a Price Christ paid:

What silver and gold could never ever do, Christ did. Think about the sacrifice Christ made. Think of the penalty He paid.

By the influence of Christ’s teachings, you can forsake the past, and embrace a new way of living.

©️ Ruth Dickson


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VICTORY OVER SIN by Ruth Dickson

Victory Over Sin

The work of Christ goes beyond any mental or written acknowledgment. It runs much deeper. It deals with the issue of SIN.

Sold Out:

Who on earth could redeem this world and deliver souls from the dominion and control of the Devil. The situation needed a Redeemer. The unregenerate, sinful condition of the human heart, without the power in the blood, remains the same.

The Physician of the Soul:

Grace breaks the sorrow of the human heart. Only God can wipe away the wounds of the heart, and heal it. Jesus Christ is the healer of the wounded heart. He purchased this healing on the Cross.

The Messenger of Comfort:

The Lord Comforts all who mourn in Zion. He goes up to the highways and down to the byways, bringing consolation and joy. What can compete with or compare to God’s Spirit? “Oh how favoured are those who have the Spirit of God upon them.” – Charles Spurgeon.

Christ Evidently Gives Beauty for Ashes:

In the midst of a storm, who gives peace of body, mind and soul? There is beauty in the peace of God. This world’s gear and cosmetics, bear no comparison to the beauty of the Lord.

Clothed in Garments of Salvation:

God’s people wear Crowns of Glory. They are are clothed with Garments of Salvation and covered in Robes of Righteousness. These beautiful spotless robes, prepared in God’s Holy sanctuary, reveal the Holiness and Sovereignty of God. Satan has no control over it.

The beautiful Bride of Christ, will appear before the BrideGroom, ready and prepared. Not in filthy robes, but adorned with imputed Robes of Righteousness. The glory of this, belongs to Christ alone!

Rejoice and again, I say, Rejoice. The nations are Christ’s inheritance, the whole earth His possession.

©️ Ruth Dickson

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The Messenger of Comfort by Ruth Dickson

Think differently; turn around; repent.

The Messenger of Comfort:
Under the heavy hand of the Babylonian Empire, the Israelites were demoralised and despondent. The Lord, the bestower of all mercy and comfort, sent: hope; the assurance of Salvation through the Prophet Isaiah.

Nachamu, Nachamu ami…

Nachamu, Nachamu ami: “Comfort ye, Comfort ye, my people,” says your God. (Isaiah 41:1). “Nachamu” (repent and console) has a deeper meaning than console alone. It means both repent and comfort. We all love to be comforted, but how many of us embrace the word “repent” with the same affection?

When Jesus Christ first came to this earth, He satisfied justice through His own sacrifice. The Lord is coming to this earth for the second time with a winnowing fan in His hand. Indeed, there is an impending judgment for the wicked. Let us bear that in mind and repent (Romans 2:1-11) as we await the consolation of His un-announced return.
©️Ruth Dickson

The Wilderness Desert Experience by Ruth Dickson

The Wilderness Desert Experience:
Everyone will be tested by fire. Indeed, the child of God will be tried and tested. The trials and testings are tools used to change a pathway from a crooked one, to a straight one.

The inward work of the Holy Spirit brings about transformation that eventually reflects on the outside.

The Experience Permitted:
God allows the wilderness; desert experience to remove what needs to be removed. It is used as a molding instrument. Maturity comes from the wilderness and desert experience. God knows what to do to equip you for your journey here on earth.

In Christ, your ultimate destination is Heaven. Take solace in this. In Christ alone, all hope is found.
© Ruth Dickson


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The Warrior King by Ruth Dickson

  • The Warrior King

  • His return shall be like that of a Warrior.

    Leaving His majestic robe in Heaven, the Son of God came to this sinful earth. Though He was very God, He humbled Himself.

    He was a King, but He lived as a suffering servant. He walked on earth as a persecuted man with no honour.

    Isaiah prophesied about Him. He used strong metaphors to describe Jesus as a tender green shoot; like a root in dry ground, with nothing beautiful or majestic about His appearance; nothing to attract us to him (Isaiah 53:2).

    Jesus suffered the greatest tyranny and opposition from the people who should have hailed Him as King. His Humility masked His glory. He boasted in nothing, except His Father in Heaven. He displayed no earthly splendour or wealth.

    Jesus Christ’s meekness was taken for weakness. His lowliness masked the mindfulness of His call and wilfulness of His Mission. He came to earth as Redeemer, the Saviour of the soul, the sacrificial Lamb of God.

    Though Jesus wore no physical robe, He wore a spiritual one, which the spiritually blind failed to see. Only those spiritually intimate with God recognised Him through the Torah. It was the wise men, the shepherds, the meek, like Anna and Simeon, who lived in great expectation of the Messiah.

    His Second Coming:

    Jesus Christ is coming as a Bridegroom to receive a Bride expectantly waiting for Him. No longer will He come as a suffering servant, but as a Warrior King. All eyes shall see Him. The hearts of His enemies shall melt in the fear of Him.

    Those who wait in great expectation of this day, live to rejoice. They pray daily, “make straight the way of the Lord.” They are mindful of His return and prepare.

    No Strangers will be Admitted to the Wedding Feast:

    Jesus Christ is coming back for a Bride that He knows! It is a Bride He has spoken for, a Bride who lives under His influence, a Bride kept by His divine power.

    May you be found, prepared and waiting, at His sudden return.

    ©️Ruth Dickson


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    Seek First the Kingdom of God by Ruth Dickson

    Seek First the Kingdom of God.

    The presence of the Holy Spirit is key in the life of the believer. The influence of the Holy Spirit is evident in the choices the believer makes.

    God has promised to supply all the needs of the seekers of His Kingdom. Let God’s desires, be your desires. I pray that you will prioritise what God wants you to prioritise.

    If God has entrusted you with the work of His Kingdom, do it with all your heart. Amen

    ©️ Ruth Dickson


    Matthew 6:31 “Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

    Preparedness by Ruth Dickson

    Be Prepared


    Matthew 25:1-13

    It is not a coincidence that the Bible uses “Oil” as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.  Without Oil, a machine cannot function; in other words, a car cannot run on empty gas.  

    How many of us run on empty and expect to be filled up – whenever we have need – from the brother or sister who is connected with the Holy Spirit. This is what happened in the story of the Ten Virgins ( Mat.25:1-13). It is not that all the Ten Virgins were not tired… Scripture says that, “As the bridegroom was delayed, they all became drowsy and slept.” Both the wise and foolish Virgins were in the same position, tired, fed up and weary, however the wise virgins did not have their vision of Christ  obscured.

    What is it that obscures your vision of Christ? What is it that makes one spiritually dead?

    When we are not connected to the Spirit of God, but connected to buying, selling, social gatherings; including gatherings on social media, seeking pleasure (in all it forms), it shows ones heart and soul is entangled.  We walk in unbelief if we are not expecting the return of our Saviour, no matter how tired we are!

    Are you waiting for the Lord to  return until you have Faith in God? By then it will be far too late ( v.8 -11). You do not know the day or hour of the Lord’s return, so you must be spiritually tuned in to the Spirit of God.  

    Heaven is open to all who “truly” believe in Christ, but shut against those who walk in doubt, fear and unbelief.  Those who believe the Word of God know for SURE what they have believed.

    ©️Ruth Dickson


    Heavenly Treasures Ministries.