Without mentioning a name, there is someone on Word Press, you know your-self. You built your ministry on my work. The reality of this is – there will be no reward – for work that does not belong to you, when Christ returns. God is not blind, neither is He mocked. My sleepless nights, sufferings and sacrifice for this spiritual work is recorded by God. He holds a record of it. It is not for you to scoop and present my work as your own. This is deception.

You like the glory, but not the sacrifice it takes to produce such work.

God will give rewards to His children based on the work they have done, not on copied work. Why not put in the effort and present your own work.

This is a warning. Please go through your posts and delete those messages that do not belong to you.

I do not have to call you out. The Spirit of the Lord calls you out…

Message from Ruth Dickson.

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