If a garment is full of spots, how can it become clean? It must be washed.

It is sad to note among God’s people these days, the attitude of spoilt children. There is a practice and demeanor that once saved, one can get away with anything and everything. In other words, you want a Father in Heaven who never engages, confronts or corrects his children.

Many see God only from the perspective of a Father who supplies endless goodies, never disciplines, nor requires obedience.

Let us remember that Christ will receive a spotless Bride when He returns. Many will go through dry wilderness experiences. These dry, waste land experiences, in the hand of God, will lead to the production of well watered fertile ground, where good fruit and abundant harvest will be produced.

Others will go through fire. Fire has a purifying and purging affect. The instrument of fire will be used to clean out and remove everything that stands in God’s way.

A yielded vessel is an empty vessel. A dirty vessel will infect everything poured into it. What comes out of a dirty vessel is unclean. An empty vessel can be filled, therefore you should not despise the  chastisement of the Lord. God wants to wash and clean out what should not be in your life. A yielded heart is a heart that turns away from sin. Repentance is the key word here.

When Christ returns, He will present to himself a spotless bride. He has given a beautiful headdress, instead of ashes, the oil of gladness, instead of mourning. He has given a garment of praise, instead of a faint spirit. The Lord Jesus is coming for a prepared Bride. Will you be ready?

Prepare the Way of The Lord. Again I say, PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD!!!

© Ruth Dickson

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