PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD – 4 – by Ruth Dickson

Jesus paid the price for sin. Does the paid penalty free you from any form of faithfulness? To be “saved by grace”- does this obsolve you from obedience towards God? After all, God laid down His life, paying the penalty for sin once and for all and because of this you can live as you please?

It is sad to say that many who are saved by grace, refuse to live under the influence grace. Some believe there is no need for holiness or righteousness. After-all, their place in Heaven is sure and guaranteed.

Such was the ideology of many who met Jesus on a daily basis. Of-course Jesus had to challenge their way thinking with the Spirit of Truth.

One such example is the Woman at the Well. Her steps were ordered by God. With one encounter with Jesus, her sins were immediately forgiven and her life was tranformed forever.

While Jesus talked with her, he had to tackle her ideology and understanding of what it meant to drink Living Water. She was so confident about the old place of worship and style of worship, that she failed to see the condition of her heart. She was still soul tied to a past way of understanding and living. Jesus brought new life. He brought Living Water; Eternal Life.

Many saved by grace fail to recognise they are stuck in their old way of living and thinking. They fail to abide with Jesus, who by His Spirit, gives them new life and new way of thinking.

Jesus Christ helps those who believe in him overcome sin. He frees the sinner from the power of sin, giving them the freedom to walk in a new way. Old lifestyles pass away when you encounter Jesus.

Jesus knows and understands every weakness because He walked on earth as a man, even though He was God.

Repent, turn away from sin today. Trust in Jesus today to help you. He will show you the right way…

© Ruth Dickson

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