It takes years of preparation and planning for a country to host the International Olympic Games. For example, the London 2012 Olympics,  from the bidding stage to preparation stage, covered a span of eight years. It cost over $14.8 billion to host the 2012 Olympics. It took the revamping, regenerating, renewing and repurposing of land for the UK to successfully facilitate the Olympics Games. It was necessary to transform unusable, toxic waste land spaces, by making it usable for the games.


This world can be described as  toxic land, in much need of revamping, regenerating and renewing . The air we breathe is polluted and the seas are filled with plastic waste. The Bible says, a day is coming when the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the heavenly bodies will be burned up and dissolved. This will be the Day of the Lord, however many are unprepared, with some not even expecting it!


Just like all nations prepare and wait in hope and expectation to hold the  Olympics, one day, this world will host an astonishing  event and we must be ready. Whether this world is ready or not, this spectacular event will take place. While the world knows the days that Olympic Games take place, the  Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. A thief will never let you know his time of arrival, otherwise you will prepare for his coming.


One day, the Lord will return in glory, will  you be ready? He will  come with a winnowig fork in His hand to separate the chaff from the wheat.When chaff is removed from wheat, it is burned up, while the wheat is gathered up and safely put away in barns. The Bible uses symbolic  language to show there will be a great separation of people on the last day, just like Goats will be separated from  Sheep. Into what group will you fall? Will you be thrown into never-ending fire or rest, eternally, in the bosom of the Lord?


The hour is now. God is calling people to turn away from sin and follow Him. Your soul means so much to God, that He sent His only Son, Jesus, as a substitute to die in your place. He died for the salvation of your soul. Jesus  died so that you can live. He is ever willing to forgive you, if only you draw near. Turn away from sin and turn to God. He will give you a new start, a new heart and a new life.

© Ruth Dickson

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