Are you prepared for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ?

This is a serious question to consider as the Church goes through this time of reflection and repentance.

For some, being a Christian is about subscribing to a set of rules. For others, it is about regular  Church attendance, you may have had faithful parents who were deeply religious and conservative and so in your mind, you feel this makes you a Christian. For you, it may have been that walk down the isle of a Church, in response to the call from the Pastor on the pulpit, “run forward, if you want to give your life to Jesus.”

You may be one of the most faithful attendees of a Church, attending all programmes, giving sacrificially, ticking all the boxes[], dotting all the (i’s) and crossing all the  (t’s), but you have never, ever been a friend of God.., never known the Lord Jesus Christ, never known the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

To be “prepared” to meet someone you must at least know the person you are going to meet. At least His name, Selah!

What do you know about Jesus Christ? Do you call upon every other name except His name  and claim to be His follower?  What do  you personally know about Him, do you have a relationship with Him? Are you obedient to Him or do you play Church and engage in every activity under the  auspices of religion and claim to know Him? You then pin the name of Jesus Christ on your activity,  with high banners… claiming to know the person of Jesus Christ. Salvation is found in no one else but Jesus Christ. There is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which a person can be saved!

In this season, it is time to reflect and examine your heart. What is in your heart? Why do you do what you do? What do you believe? In whom, have you believed?

Do I really know the Lord Jesus Christ? Do  I have a personal relationship with Christ?  Do I genuinely walk in His ways? Am I bound by pretence; keeping up appearances in the presence of others?

Lord Jesus, “Prepare the Way,” prepare my heart to receive you.

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2 thoughts on ““Prepare the Way of The Lord” by Ruth Dickson

  1. Yes I want n wishes to be close to Jesus ,He is so good , n every time I call out to him to help me when I m in trouble , He is always there , always answers my prayers ,but I know I’m not good enough as a Christian , I still need to try harder , I know I have the human weakness, I still need forgiveness from God Jesus 🙏

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    1. Thanks be to God. Eilleen God’s grace is sufficient for us, in our regular and constant communion with Jesus, He strengthens us on our faith and shows us the right way. Let our hearts be pliable and tender to God’s voice. Let us repent when we go the right way. God is faithful. Bless you sister Eileen.

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