The Good Shepherd.

John 10:1-18
In John 10, Jesus describes himself as the Door through which the Sheep go through. He also defines Himself
as the true Shepherd, who genuinely comes through the door, unlike the false one, who seeks entrance through the window.


A “thief” and a “robber” knows he will never be allowed into a person’s home to carry  out evil intentions. The false Shepherd knows if he makes his intentions known, he will be rejected. The false Shepherd comes into the Sheepfold with only one intention, and that is to rob and deceive you (John 10:10).

Meat, Flax and Wool:

There are two sorts of people who work on a Sheep farm.
There are those who nurture, lead, guide and feed the Sheep, in other words (they take care of the Sheep). There are also those who only keep Sheep for what they can extract from the Sheep: the Sheeps Meat, Flax and Wool – in other words – (they keep the Sheep for the sole purpose of material gain).

This is a picture of the two kinds of Shepherds you will find in the Body of Christ today.

The emblems of a True Shepherd:

The True Shepherd will go after his sheep when they are lost. The True Shepherd often goes into places he would not ordinarily go into, to find lost Sheep. The True Shepherd  prevails in extraordinary prayers for his Sheep, they very often get into very complex and difficult situations. The True
Shepherd cares for the Sheep and is concerned about the worries and cares of the Sheep.

A real Shepherd will fight off foxes and wolves which try to break through the fence to kill and eat the Sheep. This is the same way the True Shepherd behaves. He is fiercely protective over the flock God has given him. He will not allow them to be exploited.

The True Shepherd guides his Sheep, leading them in the paths of righteousness. The True Shepherd is ultimately concerned about the condition of the souls of his Sheep.  The True Shepherd feeds his Sheep and loves them, as Christ has commanded him to feed and love them. (John 21:17).

“Oil for the Journey” – Volume 2

Excerpt from Ruth Dickson’s Daily Devotional, “Oil for the Journey” Volume 2

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