“Break open your Word and let the light shine out.”

 Psalm 119:130

As I looked through the living room window, early hours of the morning, I saw such a beautiful picture. The brightest ray of sunlight, shone piercingly, between the hedges, through the wooden gate. Every other part of my front garden was dark, except the pathway where the beam of light shone.

The brilliance of God’s Word brings light into darkness. Wherever light has an entrance, it will shine radiantly. On the other hand, the ray of light can be blocked out, just like when a cluster of heavy dark clouds blocks out the sunlight. Dark clouds will obstruct the flow of light, even on the brightest of sunny days.

 Is there anything in your heart and mind that creates a road block to you receiving God’s Word? Pride, even spiritual pride, prejudice, worldliness, waywardness, busyness – just to name a few– can clog the heart and mind, presenting an obstacle, to the entrance of God’s Word. The Word of God is just like that beam of light that shines through my front garden every morning. It brightens up everything in its pathway. I pray that your mind will be like an open door where the brightness of God’s Word shines through. May God’s Spirit chase away anything that shouldn’t be there.


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© Ruth Dickson

Excerpt from “Oil for the Journey” – Volume 2


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