Faithful and True; God will not forsake you!

That, one man should bear the burden and be the sacrifice, once and for all… was the price that Jesus had to pay…  Jesus was beaten and betrayed. As He stood before Caiaphas,  a sorrowful,  yet Prophetic declaration was made. It foreshadowed what was to come… (John 18:14).

Lord and King; He remained Faithful:

Jesus Christ, an innocent man, was jeered at by a sinful crowd. The Chief Priests and Pharisees  were manipulated by envy and jealousy. Jesus was mocked, slapped and abused by His own creation, though ruler of all. In Humility, He took it all and He gave Himself willingly. He carried the Sin of this world.   They tore at His physical robes, but they could not remove His spiritual ones.  He remained Lord and King forever. Never at any point did Jesus lose His Majesty.

He will never forsake you:

 Jesus looked forsaken, but in reality He never left His magnificent throne.  His broken body masked His Majesty. He was Lord when they laughed at Him and remained King when they killed Him. He was who He said He was.

Though the world around you may look dim and dark, remember Him, whose name is King. God’s presence is ever present with you. God’s presence was with Christ  on the Cross, though to the whole world, it looked as if God had forsaken Him. God will never relinquish His hold on you, child of God, He is holding your hand and will see you through. God has not forsaken you.

© Ruth Dickson

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