“Please tell me your name,” asked Jacob. (Genesis 32:29)

Jacob’s heart was disquieted with him. The news of Esau marching towards him with four–hundred men caused Jacob to take action (Genesis 32: 6-8). In fear, and expecting to be attacked by Esau, Jacob asked his wives, children, servants with his life-stock, to walk ahead of him.  However, in the midst of the commotion, Jacob did one important thing, He cried out to God! (Genesis 32:11-21).

Jacob Struggles with God (Genesis 32:24-28).

Scripture describes Jacob as getting into the place where he “wrestled” with a supernatural being in prayer. Jacob struggled with God, but did not prevail.  His mysterious conversation with God, described as a battle, resulted in a dislocated hip-joint. No man can struggle with God and prevail. Jacob would not have his way this time.

Please tell me Your Name? (Genesis 32:29)

Jacob asked God His name. In response to Jacob’s question, God asked Him a question, “Why is it that you ask about My name?”

God chose not to reveal himself further to Jacob; He had to make do with what God had already revealed. Though Jacob did not get a response to his question, he did get a blessing.

If you believe in Jesus Christ today, you have a greater revelation about who God is than Jacob. In Christ, you come boldly before God’s throne of Grace. You see God face to face.

God Gave Jacob a new Identity!

You may be facing a challenge, may I encourage you to wrestle with God in prayer like Jacob. You may feel weak, pray anyway.  It is not in the strength of your prayer, but in the strength of God’s Spirit, that abides with you, as you pray. In Jacobs’s weakness, God’s power was made perfect. Jacob had to come clean with God and prevail in prayer, to the point where God dislocated his hip.

Jacob could not change the past; God did not change his past; but God did what was most important:

God gave Jacob a new identity. In Christ, you become brand new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

© Ruth Dickson

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