…Keep You From the Evil One:

This earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof… The most powerful and effective instrument God uses to protect and sanctify His children is His very own Word, The Word of God.

The Salt & Light of the Earth:

As a child of God, you are the salt and light of the earth. Your journey here does not go unnoticed by the watching world. In fact, Jesus made petition to the Father, to keep you for the duration of your stay here and to keep you from the evil one! (John 17:15).

Lord, “keep us from the evil one”:

Jesus knew what was in this world before He came to save it. He knew  there would be a great spiritual battle over His great  inheritance – the souls – God had given Him. This is why Jesus prayed to the Father for His people to be devoted to Him alone.

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Jesus  prayed that His people be concecrated to Him, to be vessels – set  apart – for  His glory.

The Remnant:

There are a Remnant who have not bowed the knee to Baal, but bow the knee before their Father in Heaven, day and night. They are concecrated to God and do all He asks them to do.

(This blog is not associated with any external adverts you may see within this page)

Pray Without Ceasing:

Do you belong to this Remnant? Pray without ceasing, continue in your supplications, day and night. Remember, you belong to Jesus, He is glorified in you. Rejoice in Him at all times. Believe in His Word. Pray that Almighty God, “keep you from the evil one,” as Jesus promised…
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