God’s Spirit dwells in you.

Child of God, the Holy Spirit lives in you and is jealous over you.  The Bible describes it is as “Jealous Envy.”- James 4:5.  The Spirit of God is jealous over your Soul. The Spirit of God is a person who wants you to have a constant personal relationship with Christ and abide in His teachings.

Your Affections:

As long as you live in this world, there will be a battle over your affections.  The devil wants to steal your heart, but as a Christian, your love and desire should be towards the One you are betrothed to: Jesus Christ.


Are you devoted to Christ or are you devoted to another? Remember, child of God, you bear the name of Christ.

Ransom Paid:

Jesus Christ paid such a high price for your soul. Are you yielding to His Spirit? As long as you live on this earth, there will be a daily battle for your affections. When the flesh and the spirit try to occupy the same place, it results in confusion and collision.

  Choose the way of the Spirit today.

© Ruth Dickson

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