Saints Pray for Your Brethren Globally.

This is a Clarion call for Christians, where ever you are, to pray without ceasing for the Persecuted Church. There is a spiritual shift on this earth.

Christians reside all over the world, including places where  early Christian communities have dwelt safely for centuries. Ancient  Christian communities are being displaced and its people killed. Men and women are languishing in jail for their faith. Others are beaten, shot, slaughtered and burnt alive for their faith. Many are kidnapped, trafficked and sold. Jesus Christ said we should not be surprised at the hatred. 

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Though you  may not see what is happening or hear the voices of the Martyrs, your brethren in Christ suffer daily. Many of these brothers and sisters, like you, once lived in peaceful communities, now shattered by war, the wicked, bandits and  mercenaries. Millions of people have been affected.

Like Queen Esther, you may think the anguish of these Christians do not concern or affect you. You may say it does not affect your community, you are in a safe country, you are high and mighty, so why should you care etc…

“Do not think to yourself that in the king’s Palace you will escape any more than all the other Jews.” – Mordecai (Esther 4)

As a  Christian, whether you realise it or not, you are already in the mix of a great battle. The carnal mindset, immorality and the  idolatry of this world fights you everyday. Remember, you are a sojourner passing through dangerous territory, controlled by  ruling powers of this world. Do not think for one second this matter does not concern  you.

The devil knows his time is short.


As we remember our brothers and sisters in Christ, let us remember Christ’s compassion and passion, as He lay broken and bruised, He bled to death on the cross. Our precious Lord and Saviour experienced betrayal, persecution, hatred and murder first hand. He understands the pain of the oppressed.

Pray for the young, especially nursing babies, whose parents have been  killed. They have no one to defend or help them, but Almighty God. Pray for Divine help, protection and deliverance for the weak. (Psalm 82:4).

Pray that  God will pour out His persevering and enduring Spirit on His people , as the day approaches. Pray you will not bow to temptation. (Hebrews 12:1-3).

Pray God will protect His people from the evil one. Pray the Saints will not give up as they  go through worsening trials and temptations on this evil earth. Jesus prayed that His people be protected from the evil one John 17:15.

Pray for God’s hand of justice against injustice on this earth. Pray the persecution of God’s people be met with  swift justice (Psalm 82:3; 89:14).

Pray for the sponsors of these wars and killings to be stopped in their tracks by the power of Almighty  God.



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