To have your personal needs met without actually coming to Faith in Jesus Christ is a tragedy and travesty.

The Principles of Mission 3


Luke 17: 11-19, presents the story of ten lepers who lifted up their voices to Jesus saying, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.”  Jesus met the Lepers at their point of need, however only one of them turned back to praise God.  The Leper, who turned back, fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, demonstrating not only his gratitude for being healed, but also faith in the one who healed him. The other lepers got what they wanted, but did not come to Faith in Jesus Christ.v.19.  Only one of them returned and received much more than Physical healing. Christ the Great Physician healed His Soul.

The Need of Salvation

The primary reason for preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is for sinners to recognise their need of Salvation. Their sinful condition remains without the penalty for  sin being paid. The requirement for Justice must be met.  Without Christ, the sinner remains unjustified,  the sinful condition remains, the penalty for  sin remains, the alienation from God remains.   The sin of Adam is deeply embedded in the conscience of every human being. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse a guilty concience.  It is important for a person to come to Faith in Jesus Christ to be reconciled to God.

The Physician of the Soul.

Jesus Christ, is the only  One who can treat the soul, nothing and no one else can fix it. There are  no philosophical ideas that can replace the salvation of the Soul .  Only Christ can  impute righteousness. The saving power is through  the shedding of His  blood… Salvation through Christ is absolutely non-negotiable. It is by grace, and by grace  alone. 

© Ruth Dickson

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