The Work of the Holy Spirit in Christ’s Birth – Part 1 written by Ruth Dickson

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Christ’s Birth.

Are you among those who find it hard to accept the miracle of the virgin birth? Historically, some see it as a folktale, others perceive it as a myth. Some see it from  a philosophic point of view, suggesting the virgin conception by the Spirit of God was an added on story or  a drawn up conclusion by some early church Christian groups. 

 The life of Jesus was one of  controversy, including His birth:

The manner in which the Holy One would come to this earth, was fundamental to God’s plan of Salvation. 

Jesus Christ became a life-giving spirit (1 Cor.15;45).  His birth  was a miracle, the Work of the Holy Spirit. This is just one of the many miracles and mysteries about the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God… 

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