As Jesus proclaimed the gospel from pillar to post, He came up against hard rocks. The free Grace  of  Salvation was presented to the nation of Israel  on a platter of gold, but they did not recognise or accept it. (Romans 11:8). Rather, they chose works, over grace.

Wild Shoots:

Every faithful follower of Jesus Christ is a wild shoot grafted into the  Olive tree. You, child of God, are described as a “wild shoot” in Romans 11:17. The only reason you  are able to drink from the nourishing Olive tree is because the people who were supposed to drink from it were cut off, however, (not without a future  plan to re-graft them in). Think about this deeply. The heart of Israel will be hardened “until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.” (Romans 11:25).

Gentiles Receive Salvation:

By  Israel rejecting God’s offer of Salvation, it is opened up freely to the Gentiles. Christ’s rejection by the Jews became a huge  blessing, in unprecedented colossal scale, to the whole world. (Romans 11:12, 15).

You are Christ’s Inheritance:

Christ is  your exceeding great reward, if you believe in Him today. You are no longer a wild-shoot with no direction, root, plan, direction or stability in life, but grafted into God’s eternal plan and promise. Before you met Christ, you were lost.

The Redeemer belongs to a people predestined  and chosen to be blessed with, “every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly places” (Ephesians 1:5). What a joy to partake in Abraham’s blessing. What a joy to be saved by grace. What a joy to know the Father and  be a citizen of His kingdom.
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