The Old Man:
The wonderful spiritual life Adam enjoyed with God was ruined through His disobedience. Drawn by her natural desires, Eve convinced Adam to blatantly disobey God. It was Adam, God spoke to directly, commanding him not to eat from the forbidden tree. The authority and dominion given to Adam was stolen through his disobedience. Adam sold this world into slavey, bringing darkness, death and corruption.

Carnal Desires:
Adam’s disobedience came through the carnal desire of Eve. Even though Adam knew the right thing to do, He chose to disobey God. Whatever, supersedes God’s voice will have dominion over you.

Christ’s Death Brought Life:
When a seed is planted in the ground, it first of all breaks open and dies before it brings new life. Christ’s body was bruised and broken. He died, paying the penalty for Sin. Just as every believer in Christ died with Him, they also rose from the dead through Him. Sin no longer has dominion, it has no power.

Christ gives New Life to all who believe in Him. This New Life is free, purchased and paid for by His blood. Whoever believes in Christ will not die, but have eternal life. As Christ’s follower, you are not left alone in this world. He has given you The Helper, The Holy Spirit, The Wisdom of God, to hold your hand, to lead and guide you, every step of the way.
© Ruth Dickson

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This book is not for profit and has been written for the enrichment of Souls.

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