The Work of the Spirit in Revealing Christ.

Prophetic declarations about who Christ would be; the kind of life He would live and His purpose were revealed long before His supernatural birth. 

Words of prophecy were given to the Prophets, by the One who knew Christ the most: The Holy Spirit. 

One, Yet Distinct:

Working together, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, formed this earth. Though distinct in their roles, they are ONE ( Psalm 33:6; John 1:1-2.)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. This great mystery is eternal. CHRIST IS EQUAL TO THE FATHER, YET DISTINCT IN HIS ROLE.

The Man is distinct from Woman, yet in Union they are ONE.

Creating the human-being in their own Image: The Man and Woman have distinct roles, yet they are ONE. In Union: the man and woman mirror the Godhead. (Gen. 1:27).

The Spirit of God Reveals Christ:

It is the Spirit of God who reveals Christ to us. It is His distinct role. The Holy Spirit never speaks of Himself, He always points to Christ.

It is through the Spirit of God we understand God’s Word. It was the Spirit of God with Christ before this world began. Christ had glory with the Father, before this world began, “glorify me in your own presence with the glory that I had with you before the world existed. – John 17:4

A small number of disciples had the privilege of knowing Christ personally, but even when Jesus departed, they were not left alone (John 14:15-31).  Anyone today in Christ is not left alone. The Spirit of God still speaks about Christ’s identity (John 15:26-27). It is the Spirit of God who gives evidence of who Christ is to His followers. This same Spirit, who is the witness of Christ, lives inside the Christian, teaching them a New Way, a New Heart, giving them a New Identity. 

The only way the heart of a human being can be changed is by the Spirit of God: The One who knows you the most. God created you. He is a counsellor and helper, He is a revealer, He brings about change. He brings about a New Life.

©️Ruth Dickson


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