What made Rahab hide The Spies, rather than report them?

The inhabitants of Canaan and surrounding nations were terrified of the Israelites. God magnified Israel in their eyes, through the demonstration of His power.

Rahab pledged her allegiance to the God of Israel by hiding the spies from their pursuers.

Rahab believed. Rahab had FAITH in Yahweh. Only Rahab and her family were saved, while Jericho was consumed.

All who come to Faith in Christ are saved by Grace. They are inheritors of God’s Promise and will not be destroyed.

©️Ruth Dickson

Heavenly Treasures Ministries

Gihon Publishing

Read/Download Rahab’s Story and Learn:https://gihonpublishing.co.uk/ Please send feedback, requests and questions to info@gihonpublishing.com

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