The cleansing power of God’s Word

A healthy Vine needs proper maintenance. It needs to be cleared of weeds, bugs and anything that will hamper the success of its growth.

The kind of disease that can infiltrate the Vine and affect the harvest can be nipped in the bud if the Vine is well maintained. This is the same way God’s Word sustains the Believer with its purifying power and cleansing power. It washes, keeping away those things that contaminate. Where there is contamination, for example, hatred, bitterness or the inability to forgive others, it is the Word of God that deal with it. It will seek it out and uproot it.

The Vine is the source of water to the branches. Water flows through the Branches to the Vine and not the other way round. The branches depend on the Vine for nutrients. Without the Vine, the Branches will wither and die.

The Influence of the Word of God in the Believer cannot be underestimated. Your survival as a child of God in this secular world we live in cannot be understated. It is totally dependent on God’s Word. The Word of God purifies and supplies the necessary nutrients enabling us to bear good Fruit. The Fruits of the Spirit are Love, Joy, Patience, Long-suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-Control. These are the evidences of God’s Spirit at work in the life of a Believer. The Word of God, mixed with Faith, will produce a bumper harvest of Fruits ( Hebrews 4:2).

©️ Ruth Dickson

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