💥The wise men believed 💥

They say seeing is believing, but this was not the case with The Wise Men. They believed in Christ before they physically met Him.


The wise men believed the Messiah had come by Faith. They put steps forward to travel by Faith. What God says should be unquestionable in our hearts. By Faith, the unseen becomes reality.

Despite the pitiful situation of Mary and Joseph, they had a King in their midst whose kingdom was not of this world. The Wise men travelled for miles to worship this King. They fell down and worshipped a King whose Kingship was Divinely revealed.

Having believed what they were told, The Wise Men bowed down in worship. They first men to worship the Saviour, Messiah and King. They knew, by Faith, that He was not an ordinary King: He was the eternal Son of God. The Saviour of the whole world🔑

©️ Ruth Dickson



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