IMG_6020.JPGWelcome to the month of June.

A faithful friend & the deceitful kisses of an enemy.

An upright, truly loving and faithful soul will point out wrong doing when they see it. They will do so even at the cost of the friendship. The reproof of a good friend, though it may be painful, in the long run, will do you good. Words of admonition or chiding from a godly man or woman is sweetness to the soul. This correction is ultimately to lift you up, and not bring you down.

However, there are some friends who will condemn you when they can’t manipulate you. They would rather you live your life on their terms, through their perspective, rather than God’s. These are not faithful friends. A faithful friend will be more concerned about the condition of your soul, leading you to Christ, and not away from Christ.

Judas was one of the closest people to Jesus. His kiss was deceitful; to betray Christ and lead Him into the hands of his enemies. As a believer in Christ you should be on your guard and be discerned about people who come to you with deceitful kisses, posing as friends, where in reality, they are enemies.

Faithful friends are friends of God. They are godly and this transcends through both their words and actions. The opposite of this Is a deceitful friend who only thinks about personal gain.

Today, I pray the Lord will give you faithful friends, but deliver you from the deceitful ones. Amen.

© Ruth DicksonUK
Heavenly Treasures Ministries

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