The Heritage and reward of the Lord.

Whether by natural birth or adoption, you and I have something great to pass on to future generations. A person can raise up Children and generations of children’s children who are not his or her own by birth for the glory of the Lord.

What is the point of building an Great Empire or Legacy if it just ends with you?

“Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” – Psalm 127:1

To have the mind of Christ is to build in view of the future.

God builds generationally and this is why He says, “Children are a heritage.” As I mentioned earlier, God can use absolutely anyone to leave that which will remain for future generations…

The fruit of the womb is His reward. Children are not a burden, they are a blessing and an inheritance Psalm 127:3 describes them as a reward. The children God gives, whether by natural birth or (in whatever capacity God pleases), demonstrate the favour and blessings of God. It is an awesome privilege. It is a good thing to bless others with what God has blessed you with.

Children, in whatever way it has pleased the Lord bring them to you, are a gift from God. It is God who has enabled you to have them. God gives Unmerited favour which cannot be earned. It is a reward of grace.


God is a God of promise and covenant. He is all encompassing and full of consolation and comfort. He is also a God of divine providence. . .
© Ruth Dickson 2017
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