Isaiah 41-10 _Classic 38

The Lord has promised to be with you always, so you are not to be afraid according Isaiah 41:10. Do not be dismayed, let your heart be strengthened. The enemy shall not prevail against you because God’s power is tremendously stronger. God is all powerful and wiser than any strategy or stratagems of the enemy.

God’s power works best when you are weak. God will strengthen you. You need can depend on God’s strength. God will help you. The Ancient of Days parted the Red Sea and He still performs miraculous wonders today. When you trip over, He will prevent you from falling down, He will bear you up. Even if you do fall or fail, His grace will pick you up again.

The right hand of the Lord is a symbol of His strength. To uphold means to standby, vindicate, assist, back, confirm and defend. Do not worry, the Lord is on your side. He will hold both your hands with His mighty hands and lead you out in His righteousness. Amen

© Ruth Dickson UK

Ruth Dickson is a Christian Author

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